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Smoking Ban: Can You Smoke in Ibiza's Clubs?

New legislation in Spain brought the official stance on smoking in public places, such as in bars, restaurants and clubs into line with most other European countries.

But whilst there are have been varying degrees of acceptance and enforcement of such laws across the rest of the world in the last few years, Ibiza has been able to steam on regardless. Now, the extent of the law's impact is already being felt across the island as bars, cafes, restaurants and Pacha take steps to keep inside areas smoke-free.

Not exactly a David Guetta night in August or a late Tuesday morning on the Cocoon Terrace though. What will happen then? Well, of course, we don't know yet, there is sure to be some difference in how the law is both interpreted and implemented by the clubs. With that in mind, we got responses from most of the clubs to update us with their plans and policies for 2011 and beyond.

We'll let you draw your own conclusions, most intriguingly about what Amnesia will do. Absent from the list, DC10 obviously have the garden area perfectly set up to deal with the situation.

The three questions posed were:

1. What will the impact of the law be on your club?

2. What changes will you have to make as a result of the law.

3. What happens if you don't comply with the law?


1. We still don't know what the impact of the law will be, we have to assess it.

2. An outside area.

3. They'll fine us!

Es Paradis

1. Es Paradis had already adapted to the law and therefore, you can only smoke in one area, which is The Gallery. In the rest of the club, nobody smokes and we've never had any problem with any of our clientele. For a long time in the rest of European countries, you can't smoke and so our clientele are used to this. Moreover, they're grateful for it.

2. None. Simply changing some signs.

3. Nothing will happen because we will comply. Those that don't will get fined. Moreover, Es Paradis are happy that they are applying this law, a law which is late coming and benefits the health of non-smoking customers and workers, and which has already been applied in the rest of Europe for some time.


1. None really, we have a huge terrace, so people can smoke there.

2. We will be converting a garden area we have downstairs (where the offices are) to allow people from the VIP area to acess a smoking area also.

3. No idea! Although I do expect it will be very difficult to police this law in a very busy nightclub, but then we can only do our best.


1. Privilege will be one of the least affected clubs because of the
different open air areas that the club has: restaurant terrace, dome and
main terrace. Also, by the summer it will be more established and everyone more used to it. The mayority of the tourists that visit us, come from countries where it is all ready forbidden to smoke in public spaces.

2. Reinforcement of signage and correct briefing to all the Privilege staff so
they know how to proceed correctly if someone does not follow the norm.

3. Very big fines are being imposed to the businesses that don't follow the law.


1. The law is, obviously, for everyone, and it has to be respected. It will not be easy, but there is absolutely no way around it. We are aware that the use of tobacco is very connected to the industry and nightlife, and the initial impact will be negative, but we consider the change to be extremely positive.

2. The inside areas, as per the last couple of years, will remain non smoking, and we will have to upgrade the control on behalf of our security personnel in collaboration with our clients. The open air terraces will remain smoking areas as it looks at the moment.

3. Well, this has not been clarified as of yet. It will solely depend on the authorities. They will have to understand that, in case we have reached our maximum capacity, the work of the security personnel will be made extremely difficult.

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