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Ibiza Virgins: Are Cameras allowed in Ibiza's Clubs?

We start this mini-series with possibly the most frequently asked question about Ibiza in our forums.

Something paradoxical about this photo in Amnesia

Of course traditionally, it was all part of the mystique and ritual that you weren't allowed your camera in Space, encouraging a generation of ravers to try and smuggle it into the club. (They had had some practice previously I believe!)

As the millenium continued - a whole 5 years later - it was impossible to actually buy a phone that didn't have a camera on it, rendering the whole policy of camera confiscation fairly antiquated and unfit for purpose. These days, the sophistication of camera phones is such that viral amateur videos of club events on the island are a critical source of promotion for the parties here. But the rules still remain unclear at best and deliberately ambiguous at worst, so here's an overview and semi official update.

Amnesia - Probably the most well known policy of recent years, they take a thorough search of handbags and pockets for photographic equipment. If a camera is found then a 3€ fee must be to Amnesia who will keep it for you in the ticket booth at the main entrance.

DC10 - You're joking right, the most camera friendly club on the island, always has been!

Classic viral video from DC10 in 2007

Eden - Cameras are allowed in Eden. Yeehaw!

Es Paradis - We're on a roll, Es Paradis allow cameras for photos too but you'll get handheld video recorders taken off you. And remember, the water party contains water!!

Ibiza Rocks - check the photo below, what do you think?

Pacha - Always a funny one here as the door searches at Pacha are minimal (not Richie Hawtin) at best. In days of yore (c. late 90s!) if you were seen taking a photo, a security might have a quiet word but it was never really enforced strongly. These days, with Guetta and the Swedish House Mafia, not to mention stars like Kylie in attendance, you'll feel left out if you don't have one with you.

Privilege - similar policy to Amnesia. No cameras are allowed in the club and active searches will take place at the entrance. If you're found with a camera, then you have to deposit it in the shop near the club's entrance for €3.

Space - the legendary no-nonsense camera policy of Ibiza is no more and has not been since 2010. You can take your cameras into Space and snap away as much as you like, perhaps not right in the DJ's face, but otherwise, it's cool!

Zoo Project - Says "No Cameras" on the ticket and they are very thorough in searches. When you go to the queue to "deposit" your camera, it is usually longer than the actual queue to get in. (Thanks to Boon)

Why aren't you allowed cameras in clubs?

Different reasons. Amnesia and Privilege have their own photographers and sell them within the club. At 10€ a pop it's a lucrative business. There is also the obvious reason that in the hedonistic environment of Ibiza's clubs, unlimited and uncensored access is asking for trouble. (Remember Amnesia and DC10 were closed in early June 2007 for narcotic use at the venues.)

As draconian and illogical as the policy seemed, it should be pointed out that clubs like Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin still take a strict stance on this, seizing mobile phones and any photgraphic equipment upon entrance. The trend is the other way now on Ibiza, which, whilst great for photo memories, is nowhere near as much as the fun and games of sneaking it in!

And here's all the above immortalised in Green Velvet's classic track 'Flash'

Happy snapping!

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