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Hed Kandi 2011 - Disco's Revenge

Saturday night party people, Hed Kandi, have chosen 'Disco's Revenge' as their theme for 2011's parties at Es Paradis.

Never ones to do things in half measures, the Kandi crew open their campaign on Saturday June 4th for 17 weeks of "debauched fun and escapism" in celebration of the decadent disco era that was so important in laying the foundations for the contemporary dance music scene.

Hed Kandi will bring their usual band of DJs, tuned into the feel good atmosphere forever present at these parties and the promise of "mind boggling aerial artists and acrobats beautifully co-ordinating a visual feast" is classic Kandi.

Disco will obviously play a really strong role in the soundtrack to the events but you can expect a healthy dose of house, funk, vocals, electro but always with a focus on the dance floor. Check out this video preview....

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