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The Legendary Space Opening Party

The official start to the season, the biggest roster of top DJs you'll find at an Ibiza club night and it's only just the start......

So here we are again, a new season of clubbing excellence is upon us and the party that always starts the show is fully loaded and ready to go. Space Opening Fiesta 2009 on Sunday, 31st of May, sees a festival of dance music luminaries serve up a treat of electronic sunshine dreams in the biggest season opener yet, with 50 DJs split across 7 different areas and all starting from the now outlawed time of 12pm midday.

Space regulars like Carl Cox, Sasha, John Digweed, Steve Lawler and Paul Woolford are all in attendance and will be joined by Deadmau5, Dubfire and new Thursday resident Guy Gerber. Added to this is the eclectic mix of Balearic legends like Jose Padilla, Space heroes such as Jon Ulysses and Jason Bye and the best of Ibiza’s radiowaves too, in the form of Igor Marijuan, Joan Ribas and Jose Maria Ramon.

Of course a few superstar DJs only provides one small ingredient of the fantastic recipe we get to taste every year and finding your way around Space is an effort in itself, but still all part of the charm. So well done if you find all three terraces, the Discoteca and El Salón – that’s just the ground level - and then there is the Premier Etage and the Red Box upstairs as well.

All in all, close to 15,000 ready-to-go, cosmopolitan and clued-up clubbers will pile through this opening extravaganza. Do you really want to miss out?

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