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Dub News - What's up in March in Ibiza

hello friends, lovers and family...<br> let me first introduce myself, finally i got a voice during the whole year thanx to the crew from ibiza-spotlight, as in the summerseason you know me as the editor of dub magazine :-)

from this month on i will present the clubbing news around our tiny little island, and i can tell you there is quite a lot going on... and not just that, i will spice it up with news and rumours, scandals and my very personal view.

Sense at Somni Every Wednesdaythis winter is quite a hard one as everybody is affected by this so-called 'crisis', and the clubs and bars are struggling as every business to survive. the good thing about nightlife is that you have to go out, if not you go nuts at home. and people still do, the only difference is that they spend less money and choose very well the different options in order to get the most out of a night. that means that each bar and club has to do its very best to make people come to their venue, and this requires the best possible service at a reasonable price, as this is the recipe for succes (as it always was...).

there is something for everybody, if you are into live-music guarana in sta. eulalia is a great option on a sunday, they introduced 'let there be rock' to catch the more crazy young crowd once a month, and the other sundays are dedicated to their melange of live music and djs.

talking about rock and fusion, somni in figueretas is host to one of the craziest options with their monthly event 'rock nights' where glam meets craze, flavoured with cross-over beats of all colours. blu in figueretas serves the friends of salsa with their 'salon tropical' every saturday, as does kronoss in figueretas every friday. grial offers each friday a special event called 'does ya mama know?' hosted by sophie macintosh, best cocktails including a happy hour and fusion beats all night long – a must.

Sophie Mac's party at Grial

in el club in ibiza town you can listen to different beats from the hands of karlos sense in his night 'decoded' every first saturday of the month.

talking about electronic beats, it's obvious that ibiza is still mainly influenced by the 'beat that never stops'... izay in botafoch is the smallest of all venues, but this does not mean it's not loud – thursdays you should visit 'ronda', definitely worth a visit, and fridays the crew of 'twisted' host their famous weekly event of tech-house. grial is home to 'nano vergel + friends' each and every wednesday with the most sophisticated tech-house-beats.

talking about wednesdays, sense established their weekly event in somni with sexy groovy beats from the hands of hofer66 and local and international guest djs – wednesday is senseday :-)

blu was host to another great night on wednesday 4th of march – nano, inviting loco dice to play his irresistible beats alongside of arian – more of this please! guarana will host the 'kinky dolls' night with issie nixon + friends on saturday 14th of march – power to the girls!

Loco Dice

Loco Dice in Space

aura on the road to san juan is host to 'just house' every saturday by ernesto altes + friends playing finest house, definitely a must.

and last but NOT least there is the only big club to be open in winter, pacha, only being open on the weekends. they offer fridays one of the most succesful parties of this winterseason, 'houseworld', one you can't miss, despite every third friday is 'pachatronica', presented by andy baxter + friends! saturdays is 'pacha sessions', another big date.

you see, there is an incredible diversity on our little paradise when it comes to clubbing in winter – and let's be honest, the best parties are held in winter, far away from summer's craze where everybody is in a rush and time flies :-)

this month i brought you a brief overview of what is going every week, next month i try not to repeat myself and i will do more reviews of what was going on, and to do this in the most accurate way i need YOUR help as i can not be everywhere...

you can send me your opinion or tips of what i did forget to include to the following mail: hope to hear from you soon, that was my very first appearance on this great site and i am sure it is the beginning of a great cooperation – goodbyyyyeeee!

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