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Dc10 October Opening and Closing!

So having spent the first half of the summer dealing with rumours of the will it/won't it saga over whether it might possibly open. Well blow me, they've left it late and legal (kind of), but dc10 will open in 2009!!

On Tuesday 6th October 2009 at 12 noon dc10 will open for the first and possibly only Circo Loco event of the year in Ibiza. The switch from the historical Monday slot is as a result of the ban forcing them to close not actually running out till the Monday, so the next day was chosen instead!

On the back of Amnesia Closing and Luciano and friends at Ushuaïa on Sunday 4th October, this Tuesday gathering really does represent the curtain call to the Ibiza clubbing season and is no doubt likely to cause mini-seismic waves in the island's raving community.

No news on line-ups as yet but you can guess the likely protagonists. Tania Vulcano, Cirillo, Andrew Grant, Timo Maas, Jose De Divina, Clive Henry, Jamie Jones, Dan Ghenacia and then take your pick from Luciano, Arpiar and whoever else is in town.

Having seen dc10 twice attempt to open in 2008, only to be shut down immediately, the question still remains as to how it's possible for them to open this time and not face instant ramifications from the cops. One of Ibiza's principal newspapers Ultima Hora, was reporting only last month that there had been no new licence granted for dc10. "We couldn't authorize a bigger capacity because the venue is located in rustic land so its very difficult, if not impossible, to extend the license."

The Sant Josep Council representative continued; "They carry on having the same capacity and licenses as before, so inside they have cafe concierto license for 74 people, while in the terrace they have bar license for 125 people. Outside, as they have bar license, they cant play music". (Source: Ultima Hora 22/08/09)

So then, no music outside and only 200 people in total at the club, one way or another something is going to have to give. Change the story one more time, see you there!!