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I won a DJ set at Bora Bora!!

So when we had the idea of almost randomly starting a competition to win a set at Bora Bora back in May……..well it was little more than an idea scribbled on the back of fag packet......

So when, after countless quality mixes covering numerous genres, a vote rigging scandal and some last minute set reshuffling, we saw and heard winner Daniel Fernandez totally rocking Bora Bora, there was a particular sense of satisfaction.

Daniel’s set was perfectly tuned into the Bora Bora vibe and the cosmopolitan crowd were dancing hard, right from the moment his set starting at peak time 7pm through to the point he reluctantly gave up the decks, some hours later.

Spiderman was nowhere to be seen, but Superman was and there was table dancing-a-plenty as Daniel pumped out a set of house, electro and tech with many a vocal and piano breakdown thrown in for good measure.

Check out the mix that won Daniel his winning set at Bora Bora, here.

Finally, the Ibiza Spotlight ‘Win a DJ Set at Bora Bora’ Competition will be back bigger and better in 2010. Watch this Space!

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