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DC10 ordered to close it’s doors ... once again

The latest in the battle for Circo Loco.

After a troublesome start to 2007, which saw Amnesia and DC10 ordered to close for one month and two months respectively, DC10 has once again been told to close it´s doors.

Whilst Amnesia accepted their closure last year without appeal, DC10 took the decision to the courts and, after closing for 3 days out of a 60 day ban, won the right to re-open.

However, the Ibiza authorities have since taken the legal battle to the central courts in Spain ... resulting in the latest twist in the battle for DC10 ... and the future of Circo Loco.

Circo Loco at full flow

The central courts have decided that DC10 will in fact have to carry out the ordered closure after all, meaning that they will have to close for 57 days - after already serving 3 days of their ban.

It´s a big blow for many Circo Loco fans, many of whom plan their Ibiza trip around a trip to DC10 on the Monday. But fears of wholesale club closures and the future of Ibiza are, once again, premature.

This latest decision is a result of last years clamp down and not part of a new campaign to punish the clubs in 2008. However, it does raise the interest in how the Ibiza authorities will be handling events in 2008 and many people will be watching the Ibiza news closely.

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