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WILDCHILD - O Beach Ibiza

En O Beach Ibiza. Nostalgic beats at poolside for the unashamed and the untamed.


Making the successful switch from club night to poolside soiree, is the team behind WILDCHILD. From the now defunct HEART, via W Hotel, splash landing at O Beach. The scenery may have changed in 2021, but nothing else has.

The WILDCHILD experience will transport you back to the heyday of the ‘80s and ‘90s, when DJs dug deep into their bags to pull out records nobody else knew. The music pays homage to the era with a full range of tunes being spun and no genre tribalism (though you can expect plenty of House and US Garage!).

Initially only set for the month of July, the fact WILDCHILD has been invited back on Thursdays for at least the rest of August should tell you everything you need to know.

The remaining dates as things stand, are 5 to 26 August - subject to extension.

This event is brought to you by Game Over, the outfit responsible for parties such as One Night Stand, LiFT and Music Is Revolution at Space.

Venue: O Beach Ibiza

Debido a las restricciones de COVID, este es un evento únicamente con servicio de mesa. La reserva anticipada es esencial y la disponibilidad es muy limitada. Por favor trae una máscara.

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