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SPTL017 Infected Mushroom

Keeping it very diverse with something VERY different from the LA based Israelis, Infected Mushroom.


Erez, born 1980, has a classical music education, studying to play the organ since the age of 4. He has been working with music and computers since the age of eleven. Erez was a member of the legendary Shidapu group and also works with DJ Jorg (SST) as Shiva Sidpao. He released three CDs and numerous tracks with these groups. He also releases under the name I.Zen.

Duvdev, born 1974, has a similar training, 9 years playing the piano. He then turned into new wave / punk rock, as a member of a local band in the Haifa area named Enzyme. He was playing keyboards and wrote most of the band's material. One of the bands they used to play with was a punk rock band from Naharia (a small town in the north of Israel, near the Lebanese border), named Infected Mushroom, later that name was inherited by Erez & Duvdev, of course. All the guys in the band joined the army and the band ceased to exist. Then one week before Duvdev joined the army he went to his first trance party ('91), and from then on it became trance and trance only. Five years Duvdev was just dancing (and he still does when he gets the chance), and in '96 after coming back from one year in India, he decided to try and make trance music by himself. First he was working with Roy (another Shidapu member), they made 4 tracks together that were never released. Duvdev defines these as "terrible nitzhonot". Then he heard some stuff Erez made on his own and liked it. They met and started working together, making more victorious stuff for a while, which they both resent strongly. Then they started to work with serious equipment and left the realm of Impulse Tracker. They invested some money into equipment and started working together with the concept of Infected Mushroom.

Infected Mushroom's fan base has been growing steadily in the US in the past two years aided by relentless world wide touring schedule. This effort led up to a climax as Infected Mushroom's latest album - " B.P.Empire "was signed up by B.N.E to a major label in the US - STREETBEAT (, distributed by RED DISTRIBUTION ( which is regarded as a company that creates its own path and sets new standards of excellence for the industry by remaining the dominant independent distributor while efficiently and profitably supplying music/entertainment for the public through strategic alliances with innovative labels and entertainment companies.

We, at BNE, feel that the Infected success could not have been achieved without your support. We would like to take this opportunity and thank all of you for your contribution and on going efforts in this "never ending story"!

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