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Carl Cox documentary airs on Channel 4

The big man talks why Space will always be the place

At midnight last night, where were you? Sat in front of the box preparing to soak in Carl Cox's magnetism and devotion to Space for 45 minutes – are we right, or are we right?

We've not fleshed out a news flash with the words Carl Cox and Space in the same sentence for what we feels like too damn long, and we've been battering through the withdrawals. Added to that, just when you've reached that point of feeling at peace with its departure, photos emerge of the Space sign being removed from the institution's outside walls. Social media enjoyed that one, didn't it?

But, anything that can leave us with such a great smacking of loss and longing must have been pretty good to us before its point of saying cheerio. Last night Channel 4 gave us yet another opportunity to gush and sob at how clubbing could be so good with the documentary, Carl Cox: Space Is The Place. Made in collaboration with Resident Advisor, we got comfortable in front of our home screens to watch and listen intently as Carl Cox and Space owner, Pepe Roselló, sang each other's praises on how they together built an iconic paradise for clubbers.

If you missed it, no need to miss out because you've still got 29 days left to watch it online. Check out the trailer below.

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