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Preview: Spotlight at Sundays at Space on 25 September

One of your last chances EVER to dance at Space

Holy mother of moly, somehow September has crept up on us and that means one thing…the closing party onslaught is imminent, and some of the biggest parties of the season are on our doorstep. We should all be very excited about this. VERY.

One party in particular you should mark in your homework diaries is Sundays at Space on Sunday 25 September - your last ever chance to have a proper Sundays at Space session, because as we all know, Space will be closing its doors for the final time this season. And yes, while that's going to be a sad moment for us all, surely there's no better reason for a massively outrageous knees up than knowing you'll never have the chance to party at this place, with these people, listening to these tunes, ever again. That amigos, is what you call poignancy, and that always makes for a pretty decent send off, trust us.

So, what is there to look forward to at the final Sundays at Space extravaganza? The answer to all your clubbing dreams, essentially, and you can thank us here at Ibiza Spotlight for a large proportion of that - you're welcome. We'll be hosting Space's famous Sunset Terrace from 1 AM, and to mark this oh-so-sentimental night, we've invited the guys from John Talabot's Hivern Discs to come and serenade us with some sonic goodness. Daniel Baughman will set the tone for the night before handing over to Pional - he won't be performing live, but you can still expect lots of trance-inducing tracks and husky-voiced excellence from the maestro from Madrid. Don't be surprised if you hear his much-loved hook up with Talabot, ‘So Will Be Now', his achingly lush recent release, ‘Casualty', and the slice of blissed out perfection that is ‘In Another Room'. Bringing things to a fitting close will be Marc Piñol, whose moody hypnotic beats will see you through to bedtime. And of course, we'll all be there - dancing ridiculously, handing out shots of hierbas and generally just celebrating one of our favourite dance floors in one of our favourite clubs of all time.

Elsewhere, there'll be all kinds of other action on the go. In the Discoteca, you'll be served tunes on a plate by ‘Coma Cat' impresario, Tensake, the legendary Josh Wink and Space regular and house music's finest, Derrick Carter. Over on the Terraza, the Do Not Sleep gang will be going full throttle as they emphatically see out the end of another successful summer. Leon, Nathan Borato, Anja Schneider are all on the bill, and Darius Syrossian will be blasting out a six and a half hour set. Then, those arriving early (and remember if you're going before 10 PM, tickets only cost 20€), will be able to catch Derrick Carter, CJ Mackintosh and Jason Bye going b2b with Paul Reynolds on the Sunset Terrace - expect the mood here to be one of upbeat, happy trippiness - a blaze through the history of smile-inducing tunes. The club's Premier Étage will be hosted by Ibiza Club News and its merry band of troops.

There you have it - the line-up for what's set to be one of Space's most monumental nights this season, possibly ever. And here's a bit of a secret tip - the penultimate Sunday of the Space season is always a good one to catch - seasoned ravers descend with an up-for-anything attitude and that makes for an electric atmosphere. Add to that the inevitable closing party madness and shots of hierbas provided by us, and you're looking at recipe for a pretty sweet party. So, head down and show some love for Space with us - it's one of the last chances you'll ever get. Bring tissues.

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