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Ibiza Virgins' Guide: Space

Tips for getting the best out of the legendary club's final four weeks

It's no secret that Space is in its final year - the iconic Playa d'en Bossa club will close its doors for the last time on Sunday 2 October, after 27 years as a beacon in the world of clubbing. While that only leaves us one month to soak up all its legendary goodness before the shuddering climax at the end of the season, that's still four weeks in which we can pay tribute to the island's most loved club and its owner, Pepe Roselló.

Back in the day, Space garnered fame thanks to its marathon 22-hour parties and open-air terrace - a place where all manner of debauchery used to go down. And while these days the rules have tightened on where and when you can party, and the outdoor terrace is no more, Space has maintained its reputation as a club for clubbers - all of whom will be choking back tears once it's gone.

Alas, now is no time for crying, because we need to focus on maximising our time in each of its five rooms in these final four weeks. For some partial outdoor partying, you need to make a beeline for the Sunset Terrace - famed, unsurprisingly, for its sunset sets, and the Premier Étage - the rooftop terrace that provides a place to perch when you're disco feet are flagging, and acts as a great viewing spot for airplanes flying overhead. Look out for the famous Yellow Submarine in here too -it's where countless lifelong friendships have been built. Then there's El Salón, the diminutive room that oozes feel-good vibes, particularly at openings and closings, when it transforms into a haven for uplifting tunes. Quite often you come here for a little break and never leave - its innocent appearance fools you into thinking you're safe and then shackles you for the rest of the night. Then there's club's main room - the Discoteca - a second home to some of the industry's biggest names and home to one of the island's best sound systems. And then arguably, the most famous room of them all, the Terraza, which will go down in history as one of the best dance floors ever.

Here's the definitive guide to a club that's given us more magic memories than we'll ever be able to thank it for. Have a read and prepare to give it the send off it deserves.

Quick Facts

Number of rooms: Five. The Sunset Terrace, Premier Étage, El Salón, Discoteca and the Terraza - it's a maze, but getting lost is all part of the fun, eh?
Capacity: 6,000
Famous for: Outdoor partying, the Terrace, being Carl Cox's clubbing home for 15 years, marathon sessions, We Love… on Sundays back in the day
Vibe: Anything goes - everyone and anyone is welcome
Go if: You want to experience a slice of clubbing history

How to get there

You'll find Space at the far end of Playa d'en Bossa's bustling main strip. From Ibiza Town, you can get the bus for 2€ or jump in a taxi, which will cost around 10€. From San Antonio, it's a bit further afield, so if you're on a budget, get the disco bus for €3, or expect to pay around €30 in a cab.

If you arrive by bus, you'll be dropped off about half way down the street, so turn left as you jump out and keep walking till see you a massive building on your right called Space - that should give you some hints that you've arrived. Plus if you have to dodge 5,000 hardworking PRs and pass tons of bars and restaurants en route, you're going the right way.

A full list of disco bus timetables can be found here.

The tunage

The parties at Space are an eclectic mix, naturally, as well as being home to some of Ibiza's biggest nights. Mondays are about exploring the darker side of techno with Mikaela and her Onyx gang. On Tuesdays, you have the one and only Carl Cox at the helm with his Last Chapter - hands down 2016's most popular parties, thanks to Coxy showcasing huge line-ups that are representative of his 15 years at the club, each and every week. Coxy's closing party is one of the most anticipated of the summer, so if you haven't got your tickets yet, jump to it. Wednesdays are taken over by La Troya, one of the most gay friendly parties in the world. Thursdays belong to the Tale of Us and their Afterlife crew - a mash up of DJs from the labels Life and Death, Innervisions and Dystopian. On this night, the Terraza gets a switch up, with the booth moving to the middle of the room for an entirely feel, and the Discoteca being transformed into the dark and moody Chamber. The mood changes completely on Fridays, when Glitterbox screeches into town in all its glitzy, glittery disco glory. On Saturdays, famed Barcelona party, elrow, is in charge, with confetti cannons that go off in tune to the whirling tech house soundtrack. Finishing up the week is the aptly named Sundays at Space, where the diverse range techno and house heavy line-ups put a feel-good full stop to the final day of the week. Special mention goes out to the last ever Space closing party on Sunday 2 October - aka THE party of the summer and one of the few occasions when the outdoor carpark is opened to maximise alresco partying goodness. Confirmed so far to appear are Carl Cox, Tale of Us, Maceo Plex, Nic Fanciulli, Darius Syrossian, Kölsch, Brandon Block, and a list of more names as long as your arm, plus you can guarantee more big hitters will be announced closer to the time. And just a word of warning - buy your tickets now, this will sell out, and you will be kicking yourself for a lifetime if you miss it - it's going to go down in the history books.

Food & drink

Okay, hungry hippos, calm down. Space has you covered. Traverse the Sunset Terrace as you enter through the main door and you'll find a pizza pitstop doling out the cheesy good stuff in the corner. In terms of drinks, you'll be pleased to hear you'll never wait too long to get your mitts on bevvie because there are multiple bars in each room. Here at Spotlight we have a tendency to order a shot of hierbas (the local liqueur) alongside our usual drinks (it's become a bit of a tradition), and we'd recommend you do the same for a true Space Ibiza experience. Just remember to drink safely, kids.

Dress code

A bin bag, a string bikini, a morph suit - basically, whatever you fancy. Have a glance through the Space photo archives and you'll discover that it's always been a place that embodies the idea of self expression. The message: wear whatever makes you feel good, then get out there and dance.

DJ set times

You'll find them pinned up all over the place. They're published in both the merchandising shops, as well as on the glass door that leads from the main entrance into the Terraza. Often they also have the set times outside the main door, so you can plan the night's agenda before you even enter.

Cloakroom / ATM

Neither, so don't bring a coat and make sure you get cash before you go in. Or just pay on card. The rounds are on you, yeah?

Other things to note

1. The club's owner, Pepe Roselló, is a legend in his own right, largely down to the fact that he's a super cool dude. You'll often find him out on the dance floor during opening and closing parties doling out drinks tickets (look for the older looking guy with white hair and friendly smile - see main photo above), or just generally oozing happy vibes as he walks about the place. He's responsible for some of the best clubbing moments in the island's history, so if you see him, tip your hat in due respect.

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