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Album of the week: Various Artists - 'Mambos Levis D'Outro Mundo'

An eclectic selection of sounds from around the globe

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Mambos Levis D'Outro Mundo
Label: Príncipe
Release Date: 20/07/2016

Believe it or not, there's a Lisbon-based, Afro-Portuguese electronic music gap in the market, which has just been filled by Lisbon label Príncipe and its groundbreaking 23-track compilation, Mambos Levis D'Outro Mundo. An important ingredient to keep the dance music scene pumping is to introduce new sounds - something that's considered easier these days with the ongoing development of technology. However, combine a number of exotic cultures with that exact technology, plus tracks produced by multi-influenced teenage producer Nídia Minaj and contemporary connoisseur DJ Marfox just to name a few, you're left with a compilation on every DJ's mind.

Príncipe isn't known for beating around the bush when it comes to extreme experimental sounds - hand picking genres born in Angola and Cape Verde - its main style consists of early 90s Angolan music, Kuduro. Príncipe's style has been described as “more influential than a thousand political rallies” and collects sounds from Lisbon suburbs and showcases styles such as batida, which consists of rhythms rooted from Portuguese colonies.

Mambos Levis D'Outro Mundo starts its journey with a taste of India.Intro Ludhiana' combines a shoulder-swaying bongo beat with tribal sound effects, a good start from DJ Nunex and DJ Famifox. DJ CircoFox introduces hip-hop influences with ‘Moments', before DJ Lycox twists traditional Chinese music with heavier dub extracts in ‘For Do Koto'.

Other affiliates in the compilation include DJ Safari, who offers an elated trance vibe with his track ‘Tempo Do Xakazulu', Puto Adriano with his grimy track ‘Estilo Underground', and Blacksea Não Maya ends the compilation with his globally patchworked creation, ‘Melodias',

This album is a taste of what's on offer at Lisbon's main African-influenced nightclub, The Musicbox - celebrating the ever-rising scene and, as said in an interview with Nídia Minaj, “bringing together youth from disparate parts of a racially, economically, and culturally segregated city, and expose them to each other's sounds, cultures and selves.” Amen to that.


01. DJ Nunex & DJ Famifox - Intro Ludhiana (Indian Music)
02. DJ CiroFox - Moments
03. DJ Lycox - Dor Do Koto
04. DJ Danifox feat Deejay Ary - Dorme Bem
05. DJ TL - Deep House
06. DJ Lilocox - La Party
07. DJ Marfox - Swaramgami
08. DJ Firmeza - Tungada Rija
09. K30 - Hora do FL
10. Niagara - Alexandrino
11. Nídia Minaj - Festive
12. DJ Nigga Fox - Lua
13. DJ Dadifox - What Percusion
14. Babaz Fox & DJ Bebedera - Tarraxei No Box
15. DJ Maboku - Ruba Soldja
16. DJ Safari - Tempo Do Xakazulu
17. Puto Anderson - Domingo De Paz
18. Puto Márcio - Não Queiras Ser
19. DJ NinOo & DJ Wayne - Cabrito
20. Puto Adriano - Estilo Underground
21. DJ Nervoso - Lunga Lunga
22. DJ Adifox - Penso Em Ti 23. Blacksea Não Maya - Melodias Rádicas

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