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Matthias Tanzmann's top 10 DC-10 tracks

The Circoloco regular talks us through his biggest Ibiza dancefloor bombs

Born in Leipzig, Matthias Tanzmann began Djing in the mid-90s, soon establishing himself in the city and securing a residency in the city's premier club, Distillery. Soon after he formed a partnership with Daniel Scholz to create Gamat 3000, releasing their debut Permanent Funk 12" on the Hamburg-based label, Dessous Recordings.

Tanzmann has since become synonymous with deep and tech house, forming his own label, Moon Harbour, along with former Distillery club owner, André Quaas, in 2000. Since 2006, he's been an integral part of the Circoloco crew, regularly teaming up with his friend and colleague Italian DJ / producer, Davide Squillace. Here, Tanzmann takes us through his top 10 favourite DC-10 tracks, where you can catch him clowning around at various dates throughout summer.

1. Audion, ‘Mouth To Mouth'

"An all time DC-10 classic for me that has just been remixed by a bunch of great artists."

Released in September 2006, ‘Mouth to Mouth' is a near 13-minute journey from American producer, Audion. Beginning with slow, melodic bass, synths then melt together to create a classic, warping club track.

2. Arado & Marco Faraone, ‘Strange Neighbors'

"There have been great moments with the whole terrace sitting down and jumping up to this track."

Released in October 2010 by German/Italian duo, Arado & Marco Farone, ‘Strange Neighbors' begins with a simple snare and bass drum combo, developing into a funky tech house.

3. Larry Heard Presents: Mr. White, ‘The Sun Can't Compare'

"I always connect this track to Sunwaves in Romania and the DC-10 terrace."

Released in October 2006 by legendary American producer, Larry Heard and companion Mr White, this acid house track is anchored by a strong male vocal that reverberates round your head for days.

4. Azari & III, ‘Hungry for the power (Jamie Jones Remix)'

"Huge hit remix by Jamie Jones that has caused quite some damage at DC-10 and anywhere else in the world."

Originally released in 2009 by Azari & III, this track was remixed by a number of artists in May 2011. It was the Jamie Jones remix that caused the biggest stir, become an instant dance floor classic.

5. Michel Cleis, ‘La Mezcla'

"I always associate this track with Luciano playing on the terrace."

Released in 2009 by Swiss producer Michel Cleis, ‘La Mezcla' is a flowing house track that won the DJ Award for best track of the season that year. Heavily influenced by South American sounds, tribal drums, pan flutes and vocals take centre stage.

6. Marlow & Delhia, ‘Movin (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)'

"Tania Vulcano, as well as many other DJs, played this remix a lot in summer 2006. I was told this is one of the reasons I was invited to play at DC-10 for the first time."

Released in 2006 by Marlow & Delhia it was Tanzmann's remix that same year that made the biggest impact. This minimal house track arguably put Tanzmann's Moon Harbour label on the map.

7. Loco Dice, ‘Seeing Through Shadows'

"A personal Circoloco classic of mine. Such a beautiful track."

Released in June 2006 by German producer Loco Dice, this unusual minimal track incorporates elements from a number of different genres that will have your head nodding and your foot stamping right till the very end.

8. Davide Squillace, 'Cubism'

"My buddy Davide's huge hit on Desolat."

From the album What About The Vice, released in 2010 by Italian producer Davide Squillace, ‘Cubism' makes use of an array of sounds to create an undisputed house party anthem.

9. Microfunk aka 2000 and One & Dave Ellesmere, ‘Pecan'

"This is another track I remember being played a lot on the terrace. Very simple and functional, yet a classic."

Another quality track from 2006, ‘Pecan' featured on Marco Carola's Fabric 31 album that same year.

10. Basement Jaxx, ‘Fly Life Xtra'

"Killer tune from almost 20 years ago."

From the album Atlantic Jaxx, released in 1997, ‘Fly Life Xtra' is an era-defining track that sounds as fresh today as it did way back when.

WORDS | David Fleming PHOTOGRAPHY | & Pitt Kunath

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