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Review: Nervo Nation at Ushuaïa, Sept 15th

Nervo for Nervo Nation, the baddest babes in EDM.

I think I am well within my right to say that twin sisters Olivia and Miriam, better known under their pseudonym Nervo, are the badass babes ruling EDM right now. And I'm pretty sure that anyone that was at the one off Nervo Nation show at Ushuaïa last night would have to agree. Their set was airtight and their energetic stage presence, contagious.

Joining the long-legged Aussie power duo to complete the upper echelons of Nervo Nation we have Ibiza's own export product the Mambo Brothers, electro and progressive house master Yves V, ballsy UK rapper Tini Tempah, and brothers Alessandro and Andrea as Vinai that complete the family affair. A diverse but carefully selected line-up that would serve as the anthem of Nervo Nation at Ushuaïa 2015.

Personally I was intrigued to see how the UK prince of grime was going to hold up in this progressive house and EDM laden line-up and as DJ Charlesy came on stage, even I could feel the pressure for him to deliver to the EDM hungry crowd. Easy. I shouldn't have broken a sweat as Tini Tempah's tour DJ and right hand man expertly navigated his way around the Ushuaïa hardware and was mixing records faster than a McDonalds can mix a 99c into a McFlurry. Popular tracks were hitting left right and centre like The Giver by Duke Dumont and a catchy track by the name of 9TS (90s baby) by Redlight. Slowly but surely he amped up the bass and the familiar sound of Tinie's voice greeted us by raucously going into his debut single Pass Out and hitting us hard with his tracks for the next hour.

As the sky darkened and the visuals really started to come into play I was once again (stop it Ushuaïa!) impressed by the production work that had gone into the stage. With a 3D led light square surrounding the booth it looked like the artists were trapped in a TV screen, but a really futuristic one with amazing pyro visuals. Next up was the brothers Vinai, who didn't waste any time in upping the ante (and the bpm) and took it straight towards progressive house and EDM bangers. Vinai took us on a rollercoaster ride on the synths of EDM, from euphoric highs to thunderous lows, the crowd eating it up.

Soon it was time for the blonde bombshells to hit the stage and although I have seen Ushuaïa busier than for Nervo Nation, the energy was absolutely frantic. Blink of an eye and it's the girls in the flesh, dressed and styled to the nines, bright, bold and colourful. No stranger to Ushuaïa, the Nervo twins know how to rock the crowd with their addictive energy and powerhouse voices hyping the already overhyped crowd - and as if that wasn't enough, the stage was bombarded with sexy tribal dancers, breaking a sweat to all that the Nervo twins laid down which even included an old school trance number Sandstorm by Darude, and EDM favourite Five Hours by Deorro and of course Like Home a Nervo remix with Nicky Romero to which everyone busted out their closet dance moves – showing that Nervo have earned themselves a loyal fan base.

Confetti, smoke machines and the best in pyro technics, add to that the Mambo Brothers, Yves Y, Tinie Tempah, Vinai and the Nervo twins? A night out to remember.

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Ushuaïa

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