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WetYourSelf closing at Space

London Fabric party, WetYourSelf lends its music materials for a Space closing of rocket launching proportions.

With mildy crude intentions, we're telling you to ‘hold onto your knickers' for WetYourSelf's return to Space for a very special party with a very special guest in none other than Derrick May. The music heads amongst you will know this Detroit legend's prolific profile as a creator who burst the boundary banks within electronic dance music and changed its form forever. We have this guy to thank a lot for, forever in his dexterous debt.

Another ledge set for the deck duty is Martyn whose second album on American label Brain Feeder became a genre definer. Two men, no boundaries and one big big party. The 1st of October rave affair will also obviously be bringing in residents of the WYS party which creates the noise at London's Fabric every Sunday so for fans of Jacob Husley, Peter Pixzel and Cormac, this will be literal music to your ears eh.

Finally, celebrating twenty years of setting house classics on the rotation will be island resident Ryan O Gorman and his troupe of quality selectors, turning Space's sunset terrace into a celebration of house from current all stars right back to the beginning, when there was Jack.

With a number of residencies closed for a Thursday rush, this is a booker.

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