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Review: Oceanbeat Ibiza Global Radio Boat party, 16th July

A diving board launcher into the Balearic's bass driven boat party scene.

It seems that for the thousands of ravenous music zealots and all out party mashers, the boat party rides on a winning formula of sun and sea fuelled by bass and booze. I've had an ample sampling of this rowdy recipe since steadying my feet on the White Isle six weeks ago and while each has sprinkled on a different flavour, one thing has stayed steady – the frenzied energy that leaving land seems to induce.

Oceanbeat Ibiza chucked in another pop at soakin' up the oceanic pace with its Thursday sesh of the Ibiza Global Radio Boat – a five hour gang gathered voyage through waves and tunes. As with any of the parties laying out its layers for the summer, each attracts its own crowd and the swarm setting off from Playa d'en Bossa brought a slathering of nations, from the Brits, Aussies down under, Spanish, Italian, German and Indian.

Billing itself as a “more musical-savvy affair” compared to its Oceanbeat boat Saturday sessions, its crew of resident DJs this week pitted Miguel Garji and David Moreno at its controls with Green Velvet and Patrick Topping's collab, Voicemail running free rein on the top deck as complimentary champagnes were sunk and revelers took to the free beer and sangria. It has barely taken three syllables of encouragement to get deck packed revelers going and I expected this one to be no different. “You've got five minutes to get your drinks and get up off your seats on the dancefloor," was the order and no one messed about.

It was a full house kept offshore with a soaking of house music and a downpour of champagne showers before a lunch snacking was served and the diving board sea launcher was put at our feat for a cool-down dip. Two hours to go, most returned to the top deck for another shape cutter show-off, some sprawled themselves on the lower deck for a tan sesh and some very few unfortunates looked like they might be surrendering to the satan of seasickness.

Age of Love's Age of Love took us back under gorgeous blue skies, over gorgeous blue seas, fronted by a pair of gorgeous blue swimsuit draped dancers – the magic formula. Back onshore, the party line continued to Ryan's Apartments pool snack-bar for another free drink and no doubt what became a warm-up session before the open-air was replaced by a darker club enclosure.

Another belter of a boat party which won't be short of happy campers.

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