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Review: Midnight at Eden, 29th July

Find out all about our fun-filled, booze fueled, musically inspired night out at Midnight at Eden..

Last night's rendezvous in the futuristic garden of Eden was a fun-filled, booze fueled and musically inspired night out at the Wednesday night imprint Midnight.

Midnight at Eden has been running steadily since its grand opening in July and has been churning out some of the biggest bangers in EDM, electro and future house music so it was due time that we had a little look see at the San Antonio clubbing institution. Joining the queue outside I waited patiently to the sounds of chatter, drunken banter and a discussion whether San Antonio is the capital of Ibiza. Umm, I beg to differ - but I left them to it and greeted the doorman as I walked through the darkened halls of Eden.

As I made my way to the dance floor the led lights were already in full explosion, lighting up the steadily filling floor as Spanish talent Luka Caro pounced on the decks with a vigorous zeal for commercial hits, future house and deep bass. No stranger to Eden or the Midnight crew Luka maneuvered the crowd effortlessly into a frenzy of dance moves – the new generation of Ibiza club goers reveling in the freedom of being on an island that knows no boundaries when it comes to night life.

Midnight signals the darkest hour, when you leave behind your inhibitions and surrender to the night, preferably arms swaying in the air singing a long to a remix of Rhythm of the Night by Corona as all of us were doing last night at Midnight. Although the club wasn't packed to the brim, the energy was big as Midnight resident Juicy M came on stage after Luka Caro closed off with The Nights by Avicii as well as a cheeky appearance of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. Juicy M has been a regular fixture at Midnight at Eden and by the sound (and the looks!) of it, Juicy M knows exactly what she is doing, throwing down layer after layer of electro laden mixes, hyping the crowd with her music and her on-stage energy.

Eden's recent top to bottom renovation, including a brand spanking new sound system has really raised the bar for clubs around the West End. Although the top half of the club remained off limits for the duration of the night, it seemed better to keep the energies focused on the dance floor so that the night would become a hot mess of drinks, laughter and most importantly – dancing. With a smoking area outside, I listened to some of the UK tribe talk about their adventures and misdemeanours before going back inside for a final swing bop and eventually back out in the depth of the night...

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Eden

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