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Review: Hed Kandi opening at Es Paradis, 2015

The resident artists shone at Hed Kandi opening party.

Not everyone has to agree about this, but I think what makes an opening party successful is realising a good presentation of a season line-up, instead of trying to sell a couple of tickets more with a random big name. That's what Hed Kandi proved in its very first party of the summer, supporting its devoted resident artists all night long.

It was my first time ever at Es Paradis Club and I pictured myself in a fairy tale. I can't say it is the most beautiful club in the world because I don't know all of them but, for sure, one of the Ibiza's prettiest. Romanesque columns and white curtains became the focus of attention hosting a round dancefloor just in front of the DJ booth. The most shocking thing? So much light - so if you like dark small clubs, this is not your place.

After I put some glitter in my face to be intune with the sparkly ambient, I moved through the floor like a fish in water. Pink neon letters reminded me where I was, Hed Kandi Tropical Nights, which is the theme that the party has selected for this new season; maybe too recurring, but with the option to drink a really good mojito.

At 2:00 am the club was still filling up, but the people were streaming in while the pretty dancers started to move by the first beats of the resident DJs. DJ Eibhlin, Nathan Cozzetto and Ben Santiago shared the booth during the night with a fun back-to-back. House, mainstream and some dubstep hits were the protagonist of the booth which, without any doubt, satisfied the excited public.

At quarter to three the DJs took a break and Lovely Laura, more lovely than ever wearing an exuberant dress of white feathers, started her performance with her emblematic sax. While confetti rain was falling down from the roof, the public rounded the stage. The artist accompanied with her instrument songs like One Day of Bakermat or Zac Samuel's I'll be Pushing On song.

The show must go on, so the resident DJs continued with their set turning up the music and betting for house sounds with some dubstep beats, playing hits like Fade by Solu Music and Kimblee or Enzo Siffredi's Sometimes track. The party, which went beyond 6am, offered a huge show where they mixed music, dancing, live instruments and performance all in one, hosted by San Antonio's Palace, Es Paradis disco.

A good demonstration of what an opening party is about, presenting your residents artist who will be playing all summer. Hed Kandi will be at Es Paradis every Saturday until 26th September. Come by and take a look!

WORDS | Natalia Gutiérrez PHOTOGRAPHY | Hed Kandi

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