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Review: Solomun +1 opening at Pacha, 24th May

A musical harmony by the Diynamic trio of Solomun and Adriatique at Solomun+1!

Pacha Ibiza is a warm and welcoming club that always feels like you're coming home. The old finca style layout of the club with the different dance areas and the casual yet luscious terrace looking over Ibiza Town is the epitome of the new Ibiza spirit. This spirit continues as the Diynamic hero Solomun brings the DJ decks to the middle of the dance floor so he can dance among the crowd with his plus one and really create a vibe.

Putting together Solomun and Pacha is like putting together bacon and eggs – a pure symbiosis where each of the players mutually benefit the other. Solomun has returned for the Sunday night slot for his Solomun +1 residency, and May 24th saw the grand opening of one of the most sought out evenings of the season, and if it was anything to judge the coming Sundays by, it will be hard to keep me away…

For the opening, Solomun invited fellow Dynamic compatriot Adriatique to join him as his plus 1. Before I even enter the main room, the outside of the club was dressed in true Diynamic label colours - a teaser of what's to come. The Swiss duo Adriatique is on first, famous for their releases on Diynamic, Cityfox, Hive Audio, Supernature and OFF Recordings, but most notably for their relentless ear for quality music. Starting with their signature melodic, methodic, deep and rhythmic sound the DJ duo shroud us in a warm Diynamic blanket. I slowly start to pick up on the percussions and bass line of the club banger Rolling Stone and this sets a flurry of hair flicking and hands in the air, everybody hungry for the next anthem.

True to Ibiza standard the club doesn't start filling up properly until almost 2am, as Solomun is heating up the dance floor and keeping that meditative music state that the Diynamic crew are famous for. The three deep house legends have played together often and it is clear in the flawless groove they create playing b2b2b, keeping us glued to the dance floor, arms flailing in the air. What I love about the night is that Solomun and his plus 1 are really taking the time to build up an emotion, a sense of a journey that ends with them throwing in more and more of their hit anthems - the cheers and the whistles a tribute from the happy audience.

Until October 4th, Solomun+1 will be running every Sunday night at Pacha with special guests H.O.S.H, Miss Kitten, Dixon and even Sven lined up on the bill – one wild summer ahead!

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Pacha

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