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Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes opening party


Ohhhhh if only walls could talk, imagine the stories they would tell in light of all they had witnessed over the last 30 odd years at Pikes... this beautiful old Spanish house in the hills overlooking San Antonio is without doubt one of our most genuinely favourite places to relax, eat and party and we can all thank Mr Tony Pike for that one.

For years, Ibiza Rocks at Pikes (the two came together in 2011) has been the go to venue for visits from some of the most inspirational, controversial and outrageous characters ever to have visited our beautiful little island in the sea. Freddie Mercury, of Queen, made the place a second home of his, Wham! (incl George Michael) filmed the Club Tropicana music video here, heck even our very own Jordan Smith once got packed into a clothes bin there (see image). It's forever going off into the wonderful world of the weird this place, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

So, after a year foray into the Monday night world of Pacha, Ibiza Rocks House is bringing the party back home. Who doesn't love a good house party anyway? The party will continue in Freddie's bedroom (special guests), Bedroom 12 (Lo Cura Lounge) and Chez Fez (Rock Nights) of Pikes starting at 7pm on Friday 8th May and going all season long baby. Line-up?

Poolside: Nigel Atkin (Carwash), Ben Fairhurst (Lucky Life), Scott Gray (Melon Bomb)

Chez Fez: RockNights Takeover with Marcos Torres, Morini b2b Tiki Boy, Jordi Cardona

Bedroom 12: Lo Cura Lounge Takeover with Dave Phillips, Daisy Heartbreaker, Andrew Livesey and & Mark Broadbent, Da Rock Buddha

Freddies: Island Heroes and Special Guests

PLUS: The return of Sunny's famous bathtub karaoke and fancy dress boudoir

Can't bloomin' wait!

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