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Es Paradis weekly schedule for 2015

The parties and line-ups for their 2015 Ibiza season so far...

The island's most beautiful club celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, with returns for some of our favourite parties over the years. There is more to come than what you find below, but this is a certainly a step in the right direction.

ONE OFF | Es Paradis opening party
16th may


Doors open to this beautiful club on Saturday 16th May in a flourish of sparkles, flora and beautiful dancing girls. The line up is already out and it's a 'best of Ibiza resident DJs' really, with DJ Oliver, Clara Da Costa, Jason Bye, Angel Linde and Es Pardis' own resident jock Steeve Valverde all on the bill. If you're on the island early in the season, don't miss this one!

TUESDAYS + FRIDAYS | Fiesta del Agua
19th May - 25th September


One of the most famous and longest running Ibizan parties returns for 2015 to take over both Tuesday and Fridays nights at Es Paradis. Fiesta del Agua is basically a massive water party in the elegant surroundings of the club, elegance and madness juxtaposing each other in a glorious, wet manner. You'll find yourself stood amongst the old Greek columns surrounded by your friends and enemies (depending on who holds the water gun) and without doubt this will be a party you won't forget.

17th May - 20th September


For two years now it's been a thing where you can go to a club, buy some neon paint and hurl it right at the face of your best mate and not have to worry about some kind of 'Byker Grove'/Ant & Dec blind-for-life situation. We should be grateful for this opportunity to abuse your mates in the most amusing way and we are - we checked it out last year and we're still finding paint in places we thought we'd already washed out.

There are dry zones if, for some reason, you want to come to a neon paint party but not actually get involved. However, we will find you. We will get you. There's no hiding.

ONE OFF | Clockwork Orange 21st anniversary
24th July


The Clockwork Orange party took place at Es Paradis between the years of 1994 and 1999 and represented a generations 'misspent yet wonderful youth.' What a nice way of saying they absolutely had it...

Making a 'one off' comeback in 2014 over a special weekend, the reunion was such a success that they are back for the 2015 season - sweet! From 24th - 26th July they will take over Café Mambo for the sunset and Nassau Pink beach (formerly Sands PdB) with the night of the the 24th spent revisiting the wild antics of the mid-to-late 90s. Marshall Jefferson, tops the bill, with more info as we have it, but if you want to see a real old school party - get involved.

ONE OFF | Es Paradis' 40th anniversary
7th August


This one will form part of the legendary Fiesta del Agua water party series that runs throughout the season, but with a special focus on what is a hugely impressive milestone for any club. 40 years! People went nuts for Space when they turn 25, but that club has nothing like the sort of dance music heritage of San Antonio's most decadent club.

No specific details have been released about this one yet, we'll let you know when we have more.

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Es Paradis Opening Party

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