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Flower Power returns with all the love

Group hug anyone?

'There's no party like a Flower Power party' they say. In many ways we're blessed with an abundance of house and techno parties on the island but none reproduce the atmosphere and feeling of love that you'll find at Flower Power. None.

Initially starting off as special one off parties throughout the season at Pacha, it's popularity and crowd pulling tendencies inevitably meant it moved to a new weekly programme last season and we're chuffed to hear that this is the case once again for the 2015 season.

The 60s were some pretty sweet years, filled with hedonism, peace and love on a global scale as yet unbeaten to this very date. The 1967 summer of love in particular is a now legendary gathering of like-minded souls and the spirit represented during that time is the same you'll find on Tuesday nights at Pacha between 2nd June until 22nd September.

Resident DJ and promoter DJ Piti has been at the helm of this gathering since the very beginning - by all accounts a fine man of gentlemanly persuasion, his choice selection of hits from the period will have everyone from your Mum and Dad to your just-old-enough-to-drink mates grinning from ear to ear, embracing and singing their heart out.

Like everyone says, this is a party EVERYONE should experience on the island at least once, just to get that little flavour of the Ibicenco history.

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