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Review: Flower Power at Destino, 8th August

Ibiza's hippy haven has it covered from cardboard Beatles to roaring Harley Davidsons.

In true time machine style, Pacha's luxury resort Destino was a throwback to the swinging 60s on Friday night. Floral Volkswagen vans, draping fabric, peace signs and spliffs hanging from the sky with cardboard Beatles crossing Abbey Road; this hippy haven had it all covered.

The instantly recognisable summer strums of the 1963 hit Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys rang out to the partygoers, who were a mixture in ages, in their blossom crowns and circular specs. Warning: this event is definitely for those who are partial to a bit of dress-up, half of the fun of Flower Power is the costume aspect. Dancers in Go-Go boots and mini dresses did twists and shouts in fairylight cages while most of the ravers choice of attire was a nod to the hippy era; think flares, flowers and frills.

Although Flower Power primarily takes us back to their alternative roots, it's still a delicious buffet of the decades with some reggae spice added in in the form of 1980's Could It Be Love (Bob Marley of course), which saw the clubbers sway and sing before being transported back to more recent years with tracks like Mark Ronson's 2007 smash Valerie and Happy by Pharrell. A break from the synth symphonies and bassline beats, the revellers were then treated to rockier guitar based hits by Rolling Stones including 1965 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction and 1981 Start Me Up.

Flower Power usually blooms on Tuesday nights at Pacha but the one-off party at the Destino meant more room for the 60s inspired hippy market selling love-beads, fringed bags and kooky knick knacks that made me wish I'd brought extra euros.

After many novelty sunglasses selfies and snapchats, we returned to the dancefloor just in time for what many described as the highlight of the evening. John Lennon's anti-war anthem Give Peace a Chance echoed out and the dancers gave out sparklers to a swaying and chanting congregation. The unique atmosphere captured the vibe of the White Isle's freedom days. It was a moment of harmony and unity broken only by the exclaims of “Look at that!” as the crowd swivelled round to see a man armed with a large heart plaque zipping up and down the resort's pool on a hydro-board.

A hit by Wham “woke me up” followed by the original Raining Men (no, Geri Halliwell, not your version) and Grease's You're The One That I Want. The club captured the Spanish culture as 1989 tune Gypsy Kings by Volare saw the locals flamenco and frolic before we all rushed over to the back of Destino to see Ibiza Town's fireworks. The venue proved the best spot to see the display as it looks over the whole town from a mountain viewpoint.

Rounding off the theatrics, two timeless Easy Rider motorcycles rode in to the crowd to the soundtrack of Steppenwolf's 1969 Born to Be Wild; girls in high white platform boots perched on the back. The engines revved and the smell of gasoline signalled the end of the reminiscent night. In a post 60s haze, we clambered onto the free Destino bus back to the town thinking where did our generation all go wrong?! And as we were brought back to the present day, we brought with us unforgettable memories from a unique experience which could not be duplicated anywhere on the island.

WORDS | Francesca Evans PHOTOGRAPHY | James Chapman

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