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Review: Diynamic Outdoor at Cova Santa, 7th August

Diynamic kicks off its season in Ibiza's very own rave cave

A true product of divorce, German event label Diynamic is splitting their summer vacation on the white isle this season between the posh mother venue Destino and the cool father venue Cova Santa. Last night kicked off one of the four wild parties, as we all stayed up late at dad's hillside crib for the first Dynamic Outdoor at Cova Santa.

Arriving just before seven the sun was still high in the sky as Swiss duo, Adriatique was heating things up for us. Sun rays surrounding the stage were surprisingly not the thing to blind me. Once my eyes landed on the duo, I got schoolgirl silly as I noticed how charmingly good looking these two were. Both conveniently named Adrian (making them even more adorable), these self proclaimed brothers were pushing out an effortlessly harmonious sound. Dark waif-like synths transitioned into one of their own cuts, Midnight Walking - a relaxed track with a mysteriously heavy vocal underline. The duo worked in sync with each other so well, each one knowing just the time to take the forefront, then falling back together for a seamless blend. A heavy deep house sound, these two give the Diynamic Music stable just the underground kick it needs. The boys tickled the crowd with the hauntingly evil cords in their own single Space Knights which blended perfectly with their moody set.

Next up, the young and cheeky David August. The free spirit of the evening, I was curious to see how exactly this smooth faced lad could have the group of hipsters in front of him this excited. A live performance, his decks were accompanied with a keyboard where he spared no expense giving us a delightful rippling scale. His sound is hard to pinpoint exactly. I could feel a heavy sense of classical structure, making his cooky blends of the vocal rip from Get Back by The Beatles transition into Little Bird by Lexer, so bizarre but completely genius.

With the sun sinking to the horizon, the man of the night, Solomun took the stage. It's hard to believe that it has only been a few weeks since I've seen Solomun for the first time. Since then my groupie status has hit such an excessive high that you might just mistake me for the mysterious face behind the +1 you see next to his name. Last weekend showcased my sheer adoration for the German giant as my touristic retreat in Barcelona led me right to my monument of choice (the DJ booth) with the statue stop being Solomun himself. Last night saw a delightful twist as labelmate H.O.S.H. stole my coveted +1 position by taking the stage with Solomun for a special back to back performance. The big room vocal riffs i've grown to know and love were muffled from H.O.S.H. who infused the set with louder tech house approach. Each of them took turns behind the decks, spinning their own rotation of records with a cohesive high energy sound.

Keeping hold of the energetic force, Solomun's touch was recognizable during the techy slammer Trommer Og Bass by Andre Bratten. Neither maestros were afraid of spinning things back that classic Diynamic deep house sound making the dirty groves of Atelier Francesco's remix of Halftone by Tim Green a massive crowd pleaser. One of my favorite elements of the the Diynamic Music crew is how anytime time you see them they make you feel like they are actually partying with you. The entourage on stage were all dancing including Solomun himself who even busted out a few of his iconic grandpa style moves: the running man, sideways clap and with a glass of wine in hand the planted shuffled. Solomun being the down to earth gent that he is, was gladly partaking in countless selfies with his loving fans which today is one of the most humble gestures. Because I mean lets be honest here, to all 20 somethings selfies are the true purpose of life.


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