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New release from Guy Gerber and P Diddy

Stream the first track from an exciting new collaboration here...

We first heard about the unlikely collaboration between dance music's Guy Gerber and hip hop's P Diddy back in April at IMS engage in Los Angeles. The two were excited to talk to the public about their new project, but seemed concerned that everyone understood this was not to be a mainstream album. It's a piece of work that is close to the hearts of both producers, an exploration of the conflicting forces that drew two unique individuals from previously disparate musical scenes together.

The album is called ‘11 11' and we can now hear the lead single! My Heart is the first example of the ways in which Gerber and Diddy have woven together their two musical worlds, and it's a promising sign of things to come. ‘11 11' will be out in full later this summer, and available for absolutely nothing. Not one for peak time dance floors or radio rinsing, this will be an alternative album, served best at after-parties…

Watch the creatives in question talk about their new music baby at IMS Engage below.

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