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Review: Lovin' Ibiza Festival at Fantasyland, 3rd May

A Lovin' Ibiza Fantasyland in the hills... with chicken wings!

Saturday afternoon's slice of the many-faceted Lovin' Ibiza Festival was held at Gala Night, the old zoo space renamed Fantasy Land for the occasion – a title not far off the mark. Exploration is always priority when arriving at Gala Night, as the many different areas always have something different to offer, each a fantastic space in its own right. Once my friends and I had done the obligatory prowl about the premises we bee-lined for the BBQ zone and chilled out under the camouflage netting with some chicken wings. The whole place was a bit of a ghost town when we arrived and I feared the worst – but it was just the usual Spanish relaxed approach to arrival times at work, and the numbers picked up rapidly whilst I was gnawing my chicken bones.

The main stage was the epicentre of the afternoon, with a dedicated clump of punters raring for a rave in the setting sun. Javi Green was steadily picking up the pace and the atmosphere lifted noticeably thanks to excellent track choices like Henrik Schwarz's remix of Bill Withers' Who is He. David Moreno (of Ibiza Global Radio) was next up to the stage and really hammered it out, smashing through the afternoon serenity with the bass lines the crowd was hungry for. Lovin' Ibiza promo girls began circulating, hyping the crowd and setting more than the odd male eye wandering after their derrieres.

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This was the centre of the action but there were plenty of other places to hang out – the pool was full of sunbathers catching the final rays of the day, the seal pit was a chilled amphitheatre with beautiful views of the hills, there was an 80s rock stage to slam the air guitar at, the BBQ zone, purveyors of the aforementioned chicken wings, plus the Rock Nights stage, where we saw a fantastic (if a little one-sided) dance battle between some off-duty break dancers, in town for the street dancing component of Lovin' Ibiza, and a gaggle of English women with very few moves but plenty of pluck. Hilarity ensued.

Words | Jordan Smith, Images | James Chapman

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