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Podcast: SPTL165: Cozzy D + Alexis Raphael (Créche)

The two leading boys of Créche hit us up with an exclusive mix to launch their residency at Gatecrasher Ibiza in 2014.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"The mix is a selection of some of our favourite classic tracks that have been played over the years at Créche."

"From Cargo's Garden, to The Brickhouse to Ministry of Sound's outdoor car park. On top of that we've included a few unreleased fresh bits of our own. Expect to hear them at Creche in Ibiza over the summer."

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"In the studio using Logic & Ableton Live. We like this method, as it enables us to do our own re-edits and add effects."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"We are both of similar age and have been DJing for a long time, so our influences are vast and stem from similar genres. Créche has always been about being eclectic and in this mix you can hear House music in all its forms. We also wanted to pay our respects to the Godfather of House 'Frankie Knuckles' by including one of our favourite tracks from him 'Baby Wants To Ride'."

The Plug

How did you both come to working together?

AR: "We both met each other through the London party scene really. I think we had crossed paths on a few occasions, but in 2009 we met properly through Cozzy's girlfriend Ems, who I was really good friends with."

CD: "We both felt London's underground scene needed something fresh and exciting, so discussed the idea of starting a new party that offered a different style of music to what most people were accustomed to, which at the time was the more minimal stripped back sound. I guess you could say we wanted to go against the grain and not be like everyone else, but we also wanted a platform where we could push the music we loved."

AR: "Our other idea was that the usual small warehouse type venues weren't really right for a Sunday daytime party, and that's when we had the idea of using Cargo's Garden, and so - Créche was born."

You're both going to be bringing your Crèche parties to the island this year, at the newly named and refurbished Gatecrasher - what can you tell us about plans for the season? Lineups, themes, etc.

CD: "The whole idea of Créche in Ibiza is doing what we originally did in London; going against the grain. San Antonio quite often gets a bad rep, but as far as venues go, Gatecrasher is one of the most spectacular on the Island. It's a super club! Not only that, but there are also thousands of party people staying in San Antonio. We want to give them the option to party on their doorstep."

AR: "There's so much snobbery about 'oh this is cool and this isn't', it's the same people dancing in different clubs, there is no difference. We can tell you first hand that what they've done with the old Eden is out of this world. The sound system, layout and whole thing is up there right at the top with the best clubs on the island. We want people to forget about the bad stigma attached to San Antonio, and come down to Créche and party with us. Why should people pay 30 euros for a cab then 50 - 60 euros entrance to see their favorite DJs? We are offering them the chance to walk to Crèche and spend a lot less before they've walked through the doors and have a great experience."

"In terms of line ups, well we can tell you that the opening party will be myself and Cozzy alongside Breach, Tensnake and Boddika. I think people will be very surprised who else has come on board and our line ups will rival any party on the island. On top of that, the club boasts a killer Void sound system that is simply one of the best on the island and the lighting rig is something else. Anyone that rights it off and doesn't come down is seriously missing out on the most exciting club the island has seen in a long time in our opinion! It's going to go off, big time!"

The parties initially started as a daytime and sunshine loving party, how have you come from that point to hosting your own night in one of Ibiza's most famous clubs?

AR: "Yes it's pretty mental really. When we started it was mostly just our friends, about 100 people or so, and it grew steadily over 4 parties to 700 people then we moved to Brick Lane, then The Queen of Hoxton and then we did The Big One in Ministry of Sound's car park with Jamie Jones and Kerri Chandler. Again this was massively against the grain. Everyone was trying to be unique by using warehouse spaces, but in reality they were all doing the same spaces, so ironically us using Ministry of Sound's car park was more of a unique thing."

CD: "Some people gave us stick for using a commercially recognised club, but we believed and still do think that MoS is an amazing venue, which fully caters for any artist set up, with professional, experienced staff on hand. By not announcing the venue in our promo we made the party be about ‘Créche' and the music, which is what parties should be about. We went on to do another 6 events there. Since then we've also used many other conventional clubs such as Pulse, XOYO and Fire."

AR: "I think it's any DJ or promoter's dream to be involved with one of the super clubs in Ibiza. This is it, the big one, the pinnacle. It doesn't get much bigger really. When discussions started about the possibility of this happening, and the option was there to do it weekly, there was no way we were going to say no. Simple as that really."

Away from the Crèche parties, what is the latest on your plans individually? Productions, tours and so on.

AR: "I've got music coming out on Moda Black, which I'm really excited about. They're [Jaymo + Andy George] doing great things and really nice guys too. I have a single being released soon, the lead track is called 'Shutdown' and it's been hammered by people like Eats Everything and Catz n Dogz. I've also got a track on Moda Black Vol 3 as well as a remix for Audiojack on Gruuv, and a full single on Cozzy's label Lower East, 'Assault Weapon', which is seriously heavy weight. Full on techno with my UK twist on it, Loco Dice has been supporting. Gig wise I'm really busy just playing here, there and everywhere really. Things are good, I'm very lucky to be able to make a living out of music. I feel humbled."

CD: "I've just had a track called ‘Parts Unknown' drop on Dirtybird. Claude Von Stroke is someone who I've admired for a long time, so I was chuffed when he signed it. I've also got a single entitled ‘4D' about to come out on Lower East. The Vinyl is out now, but the digital will be out very soon and includes a remix from the very talented Trikk. As well as that I've been working on remixes for Get Physical and Decay Records, both to be released soon."

Cozzy - we've just touched on it a little, but in general how is the Lower East label faring? What should we be looking for in 2014?

CD: "All is good in the Lower East camp. Myself and Lee [Brinx] have been working hard and are very excited by the releases we've got forthcoming this year. 2014 started with a full on Analogue Techno EP from Rebel & Michael Jansons. Following that will be my single ‘4D', which I just mentioned, then on from that Alexis will be dropping his ‘Assault Weapon', which includes a remix from Spanish rising star German Brigante. We've got lots of other tasty bits forthcoming too but I can't reveal too much at this stage! Aside from the music, we've got showcases planned in London, Bournemouth & Barcelona for Sonar in the next couple of months."

Alexis - you state that you're a DJ first, but you also produce. Is that statement still true, do you think producing will ever take over for you or is the lure of a good party too much?

AR: "Well, what I mean by that is that I was DJing before I started producing. I bought my decks when I was 14 and was playing out at house parties; on pirate radio and then into clubs by the time I was 17. I think there's a lot of artists out there who aren't actually DJs and the two require such different skills. I like to make the point that I am a DJ before anything else. Funny thing is, I was never bothered about being a DJ, but I did always want to make tunes. Get your head round that!"

Finally, you both have a weekend off on Ibiza. What do you do? Where do you go?

AR: "It goes one of two ways for me. I either go out, and stay out for 3 nights until I crash and then sleep for 2 days. Or I go out for a bit and get myself to bed and then get stuck into some nice food the following day and spend time hanging with mates. I love partying but I love doing quieter things too with friends like going to nice restaurants and spending days chilled on little beaches hidden around the island. I've got quite a few really good friends on the island that live there all year now, so spending quality time with them is top of my list."

CD: "I have been fortunate enough in recent years to frequent the Island. Usually for gigs where a lot of the time it's an in & out job, but I usually like to go for closing time and spend a few days partying, catching up with friends and taking in all the music. Again like Alexis, am a big fan of fine dining and like to go to nice restaurants, especially ones by the sea where you can eat fresh seafood."

You can't beat the fish shack in Talamanca for that then! Cheers guys.


1. Spirit Catcher - Threesome
2. Silent Treatment - I Feel Furrr You
3. Will Saul, Tam Cooper - Sequential Circus (Konrad Black Remix)
4. Syclops - Where's Jason's K?
5. Catz N Dogz - Bring Me That Water
6. Martin Landsky - Let Me Dance (Sebo K Remix)
7. Alexis Raphael - Who's Chorge.?
8. Michael Jansons - Tunnel Vision (Richy Ahmed Warehouse Mix)
9. Cozzy D - Get Up Feat. Keisher Downie
10. Fosky - Shiva (Martinez Brothers Remix)
11. Huxley, Ethyl - Reflections (Aybee Dub)
12. Max Chapman - Don't Go
13. Frankie Knuckles - Baby Wants To Ride
14. Omar S, Ob Ignitt - Wayne County Hill Cop's
15. SCB - Loss
16. Tuff City Kids - Meshnerize


Cozzy D: The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. London's underground electronic scene therefore has been littered with the ideas, designs and impulses of Cozzy D for over a decade now. His tireless work as producer, DJ, promoter and label owner has embedded his influence throughout every annex of the scene, thus yielding a far-reaching impact on dance music culture as a whole. Not only establishing himself as an essential artist through prolific productions and immersive DJ sets, Cozzy has also managed to help inspire a new generation of dance music enthusiasts through his record label and successful parties; revealing him as an instrumental part of London reclaiming its strong identity within the scene once again.

Pushing an eclectic take on deep house and techno, Cozzy's music is emblazoned with soul and musicality backed up with potent basslines and expertly crafted beats. Quickly gaining him a reputation as a revered music maker, his versatile productions have seen release on prestigious labels such as Real Tone, Four:Twenty, Noir Music, Akbal Music, 1Trax & Lower East, the imprint he runs alongside Lee Brinx . At the start of 2012, Cozzy cemented his place at the forefront of a movement with the magnificent ‘Mythical Mystery' EP on Lower East. Featuring the lush, tripped out jam ‘Aphrodite,' the EP displays Cozzy's ability to go far beyond the dancefloor and delivers a lasting musical snapshot of his time and place.

As label co-owner, Cozzy presided over Lower East as it became one of the capital's most celebrated underground labels throughout 2011. The imprint played a huge role in the revival of London-centric house and techno by unleashing a plethora of the city's most promising emerging talents to the world. Artists like Alexis Raphael, Rebel, Michael Jansons & Johnny Mikes joined Lee Brinx, and Cozzy himself on the label to raise the bar for all London based producers. Mixing home-grown talent with the best from abroad, Lower East have broadened their horizons further with the addition of international stars such as MK, Timo Maas, Lee Foss, James Teej, Droog, Richy Ahmed and Puente & Rosch whose anthemic ‘This Feeling' became an instant DC-10 hit.

A multi-faceted artist that truly understands underground culture, Cozzy D is not only carving out his own place in musical history, but helping those around him to create their own too. With each of his impressive projects going from strength to strength, his is a name that looks set only to grow in reputation and stature. The only question is just how far he can reach!

Alexis Raphael: Alexis is part of London's new breed of international electronic music stars. He earned his stripes across the pirate radio stations of North and East London during the late 90s and early 00s and went on to hold residencies at such legendary London clubs as The Cross and Turnmills.

Alexis then knuckled down in the studio and got his first release, Spaceship, signed in 2011 to Jamie Jones and Lee Foss' Hot Waves imprint bringing him into the international spotlight.

Since then, he's had numerous releases and remixes on labels including Jackathon Jams, Culprit, Leftroom, Get Physical, Nervous, not forgetting his anthem, 'I know', on Hot Creations, with almost 1 million Youtube views.
Nominated by DJ Mag for best break-through DJ in 2012 and gaining a residency at Manchester's Warehouse Project that same year, really cemented Alexis' place in UK underground music.

Expect a diverse, meandering spectrum of house and techno and a hypnotic journey across the dance floor.

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