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Ibiza Rocks House announce Monday residency at Pacha for 2014

Hey everybody! House party at Pacha on Monday!

You never can predict what Ibiza will come up with next, and it's safe to say few would have seen an amazing collaboration like this coming. Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes is joining forces with Pacha Ibiza to transport the wild, weird and wonderful sensibilities of Ibiza Rocks House into the much larger, grander setting of Pacha nightclub every Monday night, with all the infinite possibilities that entails.

For those of you not aware of Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes, it is one of Ibiza's great treasures. A rock and roll hotel run by Tony Pikes throughout the 70s and 80s, playing host to Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones, Julio Inglesias and Naomi Campbell over the years, to name only a smattering of the stars that have bunked down (or rather, stayed up) at this hedonistic Ibicenco hotel. When the founders of Ibiza Rocks Andy McKay and wife Dawn Hindle took over Pikes hotel in 2011, they breathed new life into the Rock'n'Roll den and began hosting parties that have become some of the best kept secrets in Ibiza.

Well the secret is out, and they're upscaling to a big and beautiful venue in Pacha, so that the mania of Ibiza Rocks House can be shared by everyone – every Monday night from the 26th of May until the 6th of October. As much as I hate to use a cliché when referencing Pikes – you can really expect the unexpected from this new Monday night venture. Ibiza Rocks House aim to create a world of rampant individuality, eccentricity and attitude, incorporating off-the-wall performances, fancy dress, retro special effects and an eclectic music selection with only one guiding principle – HOUSE PARTY!

All the unusual elements that make Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes so incredible will be re-imagined in the Pacha setting, expect the many nooks and crannies of Ibiza's superclub to house an array of unexpected delights including the famous upside-down umbrella garden, sparkling Freddie Mercury suite, giant Wheel of Fortune and dark and degenerate Potting Shed. Not making much sense? It doesn't need to – once you experience this party you'll see that the best way to make memorable moments is to abandon rules and conventions and try something new.

Pacha's Funky Room will be renamed ‘Freddie's' after the private disco at Ibiza Rocks House, with original Manumission resident Griff and Island favourite Antz manning the tables. The main room will feature house pioneers such as Derrick Carter, Kenny Dope, Kevin Saunderson and DJ Pierre, alongside the best of the new batch of house heads, including Shadow Child, Claptone, Jesse Rose, The Magician and Jaymo & Andy George. Ibiza Rocks resident Doorly will also perform over the season, with Basement Jaxx, 2manydjs and Groove Armada also locked in for 2014! There will also be guest performance from unusual artists that you wouldn't expect to see in a clubbing environment - because there will be no playing by the rules anymore on Monday nights.

“We've been waiting a long time to unite with Andy & Dawn and the desire to work together has grown stronger since we've witnessed the spirit, energy and authenticity of the parties they host at Ibiza Rocks House. They fit perfectly into Pacha, our ethos and our history. Two brands entwined and two families with a deep love of this incredible island united.” - Francisco Ferrer, General Manager, Pacha

This is really going to bring something different to the island; something which promotes the ethos of adventure, experimentation and most importantly – a whole lot of fun – that has been the guiding force behind Ibiza for the last fifty years. Way to go Pacha and Ibiza Rocks House - this will be something special.

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