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Booom Suite 780 this weekend: Buenos Aires + Mood Up

A busy weekend indeed.

The weekend coming will be a busy affair for those lucky enough to be on Ibiza as we look forward to not one, but two nights of great music. This coming Friday 24th January will see The Heritage Project's Jaime Fiorito join forces with the Zoo Projects Milou and residents Camilo Miranda and Escribano for the 'Suite 780' series of parties, themed on this occasion towards 'Republica de La Boca' or in English; the Republic of La Boca.

The area of La Boca is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Republica was started to try and gain more control over the difficulties and unfair treatment in their lives, with a particlularly positive focus towards celebrating their multiculral existance and love of the arts. In the end the political unrest was laid to rest but for a while La Boca existed as a sort of micronation within Buenos Aires itself and to this day is visited as an example of the people rising up to stand up for their beliefs and their love of the arts.

The following night, Saturday 25th January, is a two venue night as Sexy n Chic present 'Mood Up' at the oustanding semi-outdoor venue on the outskirts of Ibiza Town; Plan Be. Music On residents the Neverdogs are joined by Nick Stim and Bruno From Ibiza (he's from Ibiza and his name's Bruno BTW) for the main show, with the party taking itself back to Booom for the afterparty at around the 3/4am mark with an extended set from the Neverdogs, Nick Stim again and resident Escribano. The party starts at 9pm with those wanting to attend having to email their names to

The pre-party for Fridays event will be at the usual Ocean Drive Hotel just further down the road, opposite Marina Botafoch.

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