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Photo Review: Circus, 8th August 2013

Tenaglia sporting an epic new Mustache and Yousef providing the quality house music - perfect.

BIG NEWS! Danny Tenaglia has grown a mustache, and it really suits him! Somehow I am more fond of him and his friendly face now than I was before, which was quite significant after we (those at IMS) witnessed his live link up via Skype at the 2012 edition of the International Music Summit.

Yousef runs my home party back in Liverpool - Circus - for which he is well know for. The parties are epic, and it was high time he had a crack at the Ibiza scene with his own party. Admitedly, this party was a little low on numbers, but the music was truly outstanding, and this is high on my list of parties I would love to see getting a second season next year. Fingers crossed.

For a full photo review of the party, check out our Facebook fan page.

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