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Review: Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort Opening Party

Come for the view, stay for the mini burgers on skewers.

The queue of cars snaked from the crest of cap Martinet, down the hill for miles. Dedicated guests – or perhaps those who had run out of options – were schlepping up in their designer heels, made for standing, not travelling. But no one was to be deterred: cars crawled forward, heels clopped on … the quality of the Pacha brand and the intrigue of its latest venture had a magnetism stronger than what a steep incline or traffic jams could debunk. Riding pretty on our practically-a-Harley 250cc moped, my companion and I zipped past the situation with nary a backward glance.

Once through the Destino entrance we curved to the right and were greeted by a mini village of neat, white terraces, with quaint little garden beds and neatly manicured curving lawns running down the middle and round the corner, where the luxury-hobbiton accommodation continued to spread. Just before we rounded the next corner, to head into the main open area, we noticed some wide stairs leading to a door below ground level. It could easily have just been a staff entry point, but we had the tip-off that this was the location of the new Pacha after-hours venue, which you might have heard talk of accompanied by an image of the pacha cherries replaced by two skulls. Skulls are cool - I'm in.

Round the second corner we veered and found ourselves funneled into the main area, and now we saw what everyone had been flapping about. Destino has that holiday paradise thing going on. Big time. Fine dining restaurant on the far left, curved stage on the right and a huge, lagoon style pool in the centre, flanked by bars, four-poster sunbeds and large palm trees. What gives Destino its edge, however, is its location; all the aforementioned luxuries are set against the most incredible backdrop. Once at the outer edge of the water hole one can take in the panoramic view which includes Dalt Vila, a distant Formentera and a whole heap of vibrant sky and sea. White shirted bouncers stood dotted along the cliff's edge, a gentle warning to any post-cocktail adventurers who might have ventured a little too close to the precipice.

So that was the scene which the poor souls in the traffic jam eventually streamed in upon, and by sundown the venue was packed. Solomun was the pearl in the clam shell scaffolding stage (Ushuaïa comparisons are impossible to avoid here) and provided a solid set of accessible party tunes, starting at the lighter end with the Dixon remix of These Times, by Jimpster and his own funky track Kackvogel, and growing heavier as the sky darkened, throwing tracks like Hobo ‘Incise' into the black sky. Whilst Solomun played during the final daylight hours the crowd were a bit too well behaved and frozen for my liking, but that proved to be nothing a bit of dark and drink couldn't fix.

Visual entertainment was also abound, with a collaboration from Pacha and Nu-Art, a company of 28 international artists, dancers, models and acrobats. These guys were great, executing brilliant dance choreography on a stage set up by the pool which blew all the usual club “dancers” on the island (read: “posers”) out of the water. Highlights included a zombie eyed back-flipper, silhouettes against an artificial moon on the roof, freakishly flexible girls, aggressive salsa and cloud-print hoop skirts. I was delighted to hear that this sort of entertainment will be presented at the resort every night after dark!

So Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort is now officially up and running, adding another stylish string to the Pacha bow and another ‘must try' luxury hotel to the Spotlight catalogue. Book here.

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