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Chase & Status to play every single date of Worried About Henry

Monday nights at Eden just got serious.

Worried About Henry, the home of Drum & Bass on Ibiza, had been a little too quiet for our liking... up until now. Eden's Monday night is making a racket now, as it announces Chase & Status for every single date.

Will and Saul will be taking turns throughout the summer to play the distinct Chase & Status sound and give each instalment a heady feel.

The acclaimed duo played such a huge part in WAH's predecessor, Louder, last summer. It's incredible to think they will play even more dates in 2023, becoming another great advert for clubbing in San Antonio.

Not only will D&B fans feel well catered for, but with Chase & Status' widespread appeal, WAH has the potential to have a huge summer.

Fans can expect sets riddled with their biggest hits and all the current music they're feeling - all played on Eden's body-shaking Void Incubus sound system.

Worried About Henry boots off on 12 June and returns every week until the 25 September closing party.

You can find early bird tickets for all dates below.

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