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HotBed announces line-up for the rest of summer at O Beach

Dance hump-day away to the sounds of the island's best DJs.

Poolside specialists O Beach's signature Wednesday fiesta HotBed announces its full line-ups for the rest of summer 2022 and they're pipin' hot.

With five more dates left in the diary (including today, 7 September), some of the island's most prized-possession DJs play to end the season on a high.

Highlights include Melon Bomb's Paul Reynolds and Scott Gray on rotation as headliners, starting today with Paul. He's back on the 5 October closing party, exchanging the baton with Scott in between.

Long-term resident and known party-starter Parris is ever-present, while regular guest Jamie Love, as well as HotBed familiar face Marc de Groot, have multiple appearances each. Three for the former, two for the latter.

O Beach's diligent residents Tom Crane and Sam Dungate do more than make up the numbers. Let's face it, who knows this venue and crowd better? You're in safe hands.

Attracting the masses to San Antonio every Wednesday, these next five dates are bound to be the best yet. We're making it our duty to join the HotBed crew as much as possible between now and the end.

Most weeks see a full-to-the-brim O Beach, so booking your bed or table in advance is essential. If, like us, you're content enough cutting shapes on the dancefloor or writhing in the pool, general admission tickers can be picked up below.

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