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Hits from Kevin & Perry Go Large revisited

Our favourite track updates from the film's soundtrack.

Coming-of-age teen comedy, Kevin & Perry Go Large turned 20 back in 2020. Because we couldn't celebrate at the time, this summer Amnesia is marking the anniversary with two special parties.

While the film itself hasn't necessarily aged that well, one thing that remains evergreen is its soundtrack.

Those who worked on the film as advisors and in a music capacity are reuniting on Monday 6 June and a second time on Tuesday 27 September.

Basically, you get two shots - one either end of summer. As we look forward to those special parties, here are the best tracks from the film that got sparkly new updates.

Fragma | Toca's Miracle (Inpetto's new vocal mix) | 2008

Film version: Inpetto Mix
Scene: Bank robbery

Bootleggers Inpetto return to one of their most recognised creations, supplying a new chapter to one of the most controversial tracks in the history of dance music.

Underworld | King OF Snake (Fatboy Slim Remix) | 2016

Film version: Straight Mate Mix
Scene: House party

Big beat architect Fatboy Slim gives Underworld's King Of Snake some extra slap. Remastered.

Mauro Picotto | Lizard (Devid Dega Rework) | 2017

Film version: Claxxix Mix
Scene: Renting mopeds

Devid Dega gives the Trance classic a big room Techno overhaul, championed by Adam Beyer and Mauro Picotto himself.

K&K | Mrs Patterson | 2018

Film version: Southside Spinners | Luvstruck (Original Mix)
Scene: Recurring

K&K nod to the film with the track title, whilst chopping up South Spinners' original on Cr2 Records.

Signum | Coming on Strong (Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge remix) | 2018

Film version: Bo Bellow vs. Euphoriah Remix
Scene: Final night in Amnesia

One for the Trance purists. Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge offer a new interpretation to Signum's bangin' Coming On Strong.

Join Amnesia on Monday 6 June or Tuesday 27 September, as the people behind the music on the film, Judge Jules, Seb Fontaine and Lange, recreate the emotion from the beloved movie.

We sure we'll be hearing plenty of classics as well as up-to-date versions - pure nostalgia.

Party like it's 2000 by picking up tickets below.

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