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Prepare to re-enter Afterlife's sonic universe

Realm Of Consciousness V is out now.

Time has come to leave the physical world behind and evaporate into the great beyond, as Afterlife releases the fifth installment of its annual compilation series.

Realm Of Consciousness V showcases the label's signature sound, with a broad, but cohesive, range of artists.

Afterlife regulars Patrice Bäumel, Fideles, Colyn and Ae:ther are all back, while there are debuts for lesser known quantities such as Dyzen and Beswerda. Italian titan Joseph Capriati is another first-timer.

Close your eyes and allow the mind, body and spirit to align, before drifting away into the infinite realm of consciousness. You'll experience the full spectrum of emotion, from melancholy to euphoria, joy to sorrow, fear to hubris.

You can stream the full V/A below.

Realm Of Consciousness V is out now and can be purchased here.

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