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Take a walk on the wild side with The Zoo Project

Ibiza's adult adventure playground at Benimussa Park.

With all its different areas in nature, The Zoo Project feels like a proper festival - but weekly! A must-do for anyone on Ibiza, it has released early-bird tickets. Before you grab yours below, we revisit why it remains one of Ibiza's favourite parties.

When you travel to a party destination like Ibiza, it would be a travesty not to experience a party outside under the sun. It's what made our island the party hub it has become famous for. The combination of sunshine, house music and a carefree mindset equals nirvana.

Benimussa Park isn't a venue in the conventional sense. For starters, it was originally intended to be a zoo. Ibiza's largest outdoor venue covers 40,000 sq m across multiple arenas, each with their own unique features and quirky traits.

Situated at the top of a hill on the outskirts of San Antonio and nestled within the Balearic wilderness, Benimussa Park invites partygoers to explore. By that, we mean literally and metaphorically.

Explore the site and then explore your primal instincts through the ritual of dance. A word of warning though, its inhabitants are known for their eccentricity.

Paying homage to its past, The Zoo Project parties encourage you to immerse yourself into the wild rhythm of the island. Enter Ibiza's adult adventure playground.

Swinging from the branches

Featuring giant swinging disco balls, the Tree House is Benimussa Park's large outdoor stage. Its cargo netting and mist spray give it the illusion of being strung in some tropical canopy. This is the ideal dancefloor for monkeying around amongst the rest of the troops.

Go bananas alongside burly gorillas and towering stilt-walkers as the sun sets behind the stage. Trust us, those twilight hours are magical. 2019 saw some memorable sets from the likes of East End Dubs, Behrouz and a summer highlight from Ida Engberg. Let's get anthropomorphic!

Happy clapping

Tricks aplenty go down at the Seal Pit. The auditorium-like space has a certain notoriety on Ibiza. Its tiered layout creates a vibrant atmosphere and no matter where you are positioned, you get great views of the DJ and animated performances.

Whether it's Davina Moss getting groovy, André Galluzzi bringing the tech or Nakadia unleashing her acid techno, the consensus is unilateral: there's no other place like the Seal Pit. Keep an eye out for the break dancing polar bear and the mischievous felines.

All back to ours

Looking for a comfy seat and a little relaxation? Chances are all that monkey business will have you zooted. Why not put your feet up in front of the television for a few minutes? Benimussa Park has its own Living Room, but don't expect to catch any downtime here.

The wallpaper might be dated, but the tunes couldn't be fresher. This intimate space tucked around the back of the swimming pool feels homely. When it goes off, it's like dancing alongside family and close friends. Proper cosy.

Alfresco disco

How's your balance? Somewhat unbelievably - and yet at the same time, totally believable - Benimussa Park has its own Roller Disco. Only it happens to be open-air, making it the best roller disco we've ever seen.

DJs such as island personality Graham Sahara and veritable selector Lee Pennington will provide the musical ammunition as you circle gracefully. Here is your opportunity to glide inline and showcase your talents. Skates provided; natural skills less so.

Down into the burrow

Anybody with nocturnal urges will know that Ibiza truly comes alive in darkness.

Whilst The Zoo Project is renowned for being an outdoor daytime party, you'd be wrong if you thought the actions ends there. At 23:00, we turn on night mode and head into the Rabbit Hole to continue the adventure. We hope you've been eating your carrots like good bunnies.

With its low ceiling and stripped-back lighting, the Rabbit Hole is all about the music. Catch the likes of Defex and Real Gang taking things in a chuggy direction. Like a club within a club, it's easy to lose track of time inside. Before you know it, dawn will be breaking. Whoops!

All this aside, Benimussa Park has many other nooks and crannies to discover. A variety of food kiosks, handmade jewellery stalls and eco-charity stands can all be found inside. It's well worth a wander. Why not even arrive early with your towel and take a dip in the pool?

You could spend hours getting lost exploring each corner - and believe me, we have!

Early-bird tickets for all 23 The Zoo Project dates are on sale now at the incredible price of €20. See below to pick up yours.

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