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Ibiza workers in the spotlight | Hayley and Jack

PRs by day / DJs by night.

Any seasonal worker in Ibiza will tell you the struggle is real when it comes to balancing a life of work and play. The mind boggles at some of the stories you hear. When you add a side passion of DJing to the equation, the potential for messiness just increases.

However two aspiring DJs - Hayley Zalassi and Jack Bruce - might have the answer.

The pair live, work (and play) on the island. Perhaps they might be able to shed some light on what's needed to juggle life as a worker, raver and entertainer.

After bagging a residency at a bar in San Antonio, Hayley and Jack took their thirst for playing infront of a crowd to the next level. After hustling hard, they now play weekly at Octan Ibiza for the party UOKHUN? where they play alongside industry giants, Apollonia and Steve Lawler.

Here's what they had to say about taking the leap from being a bedroom DJ to regular plays at an Ibiza super-club.

Left: Jack Bruce, 23, United Kingdom | PR, Ushuaïa

Right: Hayley Zalassi, 24, United Kingdom | PR, Defected

How many seasons have you done in Ibiza?

Hayley Zalassi (HZ): "This is my first season in Ibiza."

Jack Bruce (JB): "Second for me."

Tell us a little bit about your day job.

HZ: "My day-to-day job is to promote Defected, which is every Friday night at Eden. I talk to tourists and create a hype about the party, add them to my guest list and try to get people to come to the event.

Defected is a big brand with amazing DJs playing every week, so it sell itself. This makes my life much easier. The tough weeks are when there are events on that create competition, such as Cuttin' Headz and ONE NIGHT STAND at DC-10. But we always rise to the challenge."

Defected always pulls the crowd - San Antonio's busiest night in 2019

HZ: "I also DJ, but found it difficult to get gigs in the first season. I've been lucky to have found a weekly night on the West End, as lots of DJs struggle to get even one or two gigs a season.

Then Sundays, I play for UOKHUN? - a party that runs alongside Planet Claire and Warriors at Octan Ibiza."

JB: "Working as a PR for Ushuaia basically involves walking around San Antonio promoting the clubs parties, doing guestlists, selling tickets, handing out merchandise and answering any general questions about the club's events.

I also DJ alongside Hayley on the West End and in Octan toilets, as well as the odd event back in the UK."

What has been your favourite track of the summer?

HZ: "I heard this one played by The Martinez Brothers at Circoloco about three weeks into the season. I've listened to it on repeat ever since."

JB: "It has to be Laurent Garnier - Feelin' Good for me."

What is your favourite party?

HZ: "Anything at Pikes. I spend far too much time there, but the vibe is amazing. Skream was a special guest for Disco Disco recently and I had the most fun I've had all summer."

Shiny disco balls - Skream entertains the dance floor at Disco Disco

What is your favourite thing to do on your day off?

HZ: "Probably to just recharge my batteries. I tend to go heavy the night before a day off, as I need to get away with doing pretty much nothing and not feel guilty about it. Eating nice food and trying to squeeze in at least an hour of sunbathing."

JB: "If I'm not working, you will either find me DJing, tune hunting or raving."

How did you manage to land DJ gigs here on the island?

JB: "There is so many aspiring DJs in Ibiza so it can be hard to get gigs. I made sure to mix in the right circles, support events I could see myself playing at and speak to people in similar situations to myself. More than anything, I just stayed persistent."

Cheers, guys.

Be sure to catch Jack and Hayley play for UOKHUN? at Octan tonight (Sunday 6 October) for the closing party. You'll find them taking care of business in the bathroom.

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