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Privilege opens its doors with Brutal Ibiza

Finally open for summer 2019.

Owning the title as the worlds largest nightclub, Privilege holds a special place in the hearts of many. On Saturday night the super-club reopened its doors for the 26th time. This year with a brand new concept: Brutal Ibiza.

Having hosted globally recognised parties and DJ sets, the spot is a must-see for Ibiza virgins and aficionados alike.

Starting off as the iconic Ku Club, Privilege has itself firmly grounded in clubbing history. With a hefty capacity of 10,000, there is space for everyone to experience its greatness.

Introducing Latin urban beats to the club, Brutal Ibiza is the new brand to conquer Privilege's Main Room I Productions Events and will do so every Saturday until September 28. I couldn't wait to see how this went down.

I was warmly welcomed into the mighty Main Room by an old school classic. Gold Digger by Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx was resident DJ Zando's track of the moment. I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it.

Scouring the club I noticed two things - dancing and diversity. Male, female, young and old each congregated on the dance floor in adoration to the bass-heavy, hit music.

In true Privilege style, the production was faultless. Lasers, lights and dancers surrounded the dance floor and made the experience all the more interesting. The set up gave a brilliant taster of what the season ahead holds.

DJ Zando took ownership of the night. Get Right by Jennifer Lopez and Havana by Camila Cabello were two solid choices that stuck with my mind and got my feet tapping.

Playing until 3:00, the DJ perfectly set up the stage for Million Stylez live show.

The Swedish dancehall artist, Million Stylez was strong in his performance and complemented DJ Zando's mixing skills with some pleasant, upbeat vocals.

In a romantic encounter, fans of the artist sang along adoringly, making me feel as though I was at a concert.

Gyptian - Hold You was the final song in his performance, gearing the crowd up for the final artist DJ Eddie Queen.

Joining the DJ on stage were a team of skilled dancers and when paired with lights, music and a rocking atmosphere, each made for a captivating dancehall and reggaeton mash-up. Being new to the genre myself, I was not at all disappointed.

Taki Taki by DJ Snake shook the ground and added to the night. Wild dancing, high spirits and booming bass made this track ultra enjoyable.

As the night wound up, I felt increasingly more a part of this culture. To experience something so different was to me uplifting and an all-round gratifying experience, leaving me high-strung for another night at Privilege.

The king-sized super-club has finally opened its doors for 2019.

Missed out? Not to worry - Tickets, line ups and further information on the clubs plans for 2019 can be found below in our party calendar.

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