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Getting groovy at Solid Grooves 

Solid beats at Vista Club in Privilege.

We knew it was going to be a big one, but nothing could prepare us for what the night had in store. A full Vista Club with a queue still waiting outside was amazing success for the opening party of no-nonsense party Solid Grooves.

Last night, the London label proved it has what it takes to stand up to the big boys. We should not underestimate their capabilities to put on a solid party.

On the drive up to Privilege, masses of people were heading up the driveway towards the club. Following an eventful experience getting in, we finally made it inside the glass room of the Vista Club and we were ready to get our groove on.

If the queue outside was anything to go by, we expected inside to be packed. It was brimming. Still, for a party popular with holidaymakers and British workers, there was still a healthy mix within the crowd, demonstrating Solid Grooves' strong appeal.

As we made our way through the crowd to the bar, Dennis Cruz was working his magic. A remix of Catch The Train by DeezBootz was belting out of the soundsystem - a catchy tune that I haven't had out of my head since.

On the night PAWSA delivered a middling set. We weren't sure whether there were technical difficulties or whether it was an off night for the DJ. Nevertheless, the set wasn't without its standout moments.

PAWSA's own song Whippin' sounded particularly good. It provided those soulful tech house vocals that the set needed.

He played us out until 04:00 with plenty of other notable tracks. One being What You Doin'? (Mfdp Remix) by What? Ft. Eric D.Clark. Again, delivering on vocal depth and heavy bassline, it was a hit with the crowd.

The secret guest, Steve Lawler was a pleasant surprise. The Warriors boss had made the announcement via Instagram earlier in the day. He commented how Solid Grooves and his new Sunday night party at former Sankeys site, Octan, were not in competition for the Sunday night top spot.

His guest appearance was a mark of support for the groovers. And it turned out to be a touching gesture and a perfect addition to the line-up.

Following on from PAWSA's lower energy set, Lawler lifted the room with some powerful beats that were full of life and got the crowd grooving again.

In particular, a remix of Daphni's Sizzling added a nice touch of disco to the evening.

The song of the moment, Joys by Roberto Surace, also got the crowd into a frenzy. As I stood behind the DJ booth and looked out at the crowd, everyone was loving the feelgood tune. This is a regular reaction whenever I hear the song now.

A track from Abode records by Hector Cuoto ft. Solo Tamas named Lurking From The Dark was one I hadn't heard before. Out for release later this month, it is one to stay tuned for.

By 05:15, it was time for Solid Grooves master Michael Bibi to take over. But tonight was an extra special treat. It was his birthday.

The occasion was marked by a cake and huge sparkler that Bibi was unable to blow out. After a few attempts, he gave up and the party continued.

Bibi hit us with a range of his own tracks amongst others, delivering that familiar tech house sound with each move.

The vocal elements on his track Frequency broke up the minimal sounding tracks that went before it. The switch up was perfectly timed as things were becoming a little unvaried.

Otto's Chant - Bibi's new song with Skream - was heard towards the end of the set. The sample taken from Wolf of Wall Street is one that only fans of the film would recognise. Nonetheless, its hammering bassline made me realise I was probably too close to the speakers at this point.

By this time dawn was upon us and the sun was beginning to rise over the San Rafael hills. Nothing beats watching the night turn into day at this venue, with a view of Ibiza Town and the sea. The groovers continued.

Last night was proof that Sundays are turning into one of the hottest nights of the week. If you fancy yourself as a groover, head down to Solid Grooves on Sundays from now until 22 September.

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