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Everyone can B!CRAZY at HEART

Expressive dance and progressive beats with Jean Claude Ades.

One year on since debuting at HEART and the cosmopolitan party B!CRAZY is still the top clubbing hub for fashionistas and practitioners of the finer things in life. Carefully fusing the sounds of deep house and techno in his weekly line-ups is party host Jean Claude Ades.

Welcoming internationally renowned underground names to play the chic decks of HEART, those less familiar with the scene may find this party one of the island's best-kept secrets.

As soon as I entered, it was clear that this event was about more than just the music. Encouraging free expression through the vibrations of sound brought only the most curious of beings to the dance floor.

Weaving through the crowd, I was in awe of the decks as I saw the multisensory stage production of Jean Claude Ades's party. Montages of nature imagery were projected onto the towering walls of HEART as the beats began to build.

Let's be honest, we are all guilty of occasionally brushing off support DJs to the side, especially the opening act. To do this at B!CRAZY on Friday night would have been a crime to the scene.

Jaime Fiorito was a new name for me but now a newfound love. Completely caught off guard, I was captivated within seconds of his set. Moments like this remind us why we have such passion for music.

As he played to an already almost full dance floor, we all seemed starstruck by his unique sound. A feeling of occasion and exclusivity filled the air.

Funky bass lines lay the grounds for the following progressive house beats. An array of sounds included percussive samples, continental influences and distorted echo effects. I could go on forever.

A common feature in his track transitions was the sporadic use of unorthodox samples that sparked the attention of the hypnotised audience.

Embedded into the set was this tune Det Sky Vesen Som K Jeder Seg by Sex Judas.

Next up, electronic duo HVOB performing their live club set.

Making an interesting entrance, the pair gradually overrun silence with individual electronic and instrumental samples layered up to build the first track right in front of the enthralled audience.

Combining deep, moody electronica with their signature minimalistic style left our senses open to the stunning vocals of Anna MÜller. Her hauntingly beautiful sound juxtaposed the underlying tech-house beats.

Now fully emerged in the glowing lights of the galactic backdrop the tunes kept on coming as we danced into the night.

Perfectly displaying all of the elements that we loved about the duo's set was Panama, a track from the recently released album Rocco. Check it out for yourself here.

As the clock passed another hour, the party host himself emerged from the shadows and took over the decks.

Jean Claude Ades is renowned for his finely crafted skills as a DJ and producer in the global house scene. Bringing his cultural influences from around the world to the White Isle, he took us all on a journey of raw regional sounds.

It must be something in the water here, as they are known for having a quirk in their methods when it comes to music production. One never quite knows what to expect when seeing them live for the first time.

Jean Claude brought a futuristic, synthetic twist into the mix, an interesting pairing for the tribal-esqe tracks below.

Channelling a more energetic vibe through his set, he shared his passion with the crowd.

Watching the vibrations from each beat and effect run through Jean Claude's body, I could not tell where the decks ended and he started - a true master of his profession.

Here's a taster of the set with Kawahagi (Fake Mood Remix) from DJuma Soundsystem & Western.

For the final half of the set, Jean Claude welcomed those in the VIP area to join the behind the decks. As you can imagine this only amplified the community spirit of this special night even more.

Leaving HEART, I could walk out on a high, feeling refreshed to have witnessed these unique sounds in the magical setting.

If you believe that you are a connoisseur of the Ibiza electronic music scene, then I challenge you to attend a Friday night of B!CRAZY and I bet that you hear a world of music you never expected.

For more information on dates, line-ups and tickets head below to out party calendar.

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