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Solomun closes Pacha's summer in perfect form

Solomun and Adriatique bring one of the island's most iconic clubs and residencies to a sweet end.

Ibiza is a place where magic simply happens. For the closing party of Solomun +1 at Pacha, as midday arrived, Solomun and Adriatique had become official spellcasters. To be there to witness this closing party was beyond unbelievable.

On a personal note, my clubbing season started at the Solomun +1 opening back in May with DJ Tennis. To finish it here on this night was perfect. While I wouldn't call myself a romantic, Solomun stole my heart on this occasion. I will no doubt be back next year, and the next, and the next, and so on.

If you were there, you know what I'm talking about; if not, here's what on for the final fiesta of the summer season.

Starting as it means to go on

The closing party provided 12-hours of faultless selection. Trailblazing Adriatique started the proceedings. It was a superb opening set that produced a euphoric energy on the iconic Ibiza dance floor.

Adriatique did not hold back at all. The duo has been making supersonic movements in the dance music scene. As they dropped In Your Eyes by &ME, another artist who's been sending shockwaves with his music is, the effect was sensational.

The atmosphere continued to build at a steady pace and before long the club was packed.

Adriatique's own edit of this mighty Tale Of Us and Vaal release had people running through the door to get in.

Adriatique's chemistry behind the booth was evident. The night was set to be enchanting. Solomun had entrusted the two with one of the most important opening sets of the season, and I was thrilled we made it there soon after the doors opened to catch the whole set.

The king arrives

With a wave of his hand, a sip of his wine and a smile on his face, the King of Sundays entered his throne for the final time this year. It's been a monarchy that no revolution could topple - or wants to, for that matter.

It was one of those special kinds of sets where the DJ steps into your mind and digs through records in your brain. Solomun seemed to have a good look in mine and pressed play on tracks that will now sit highly in my conscious mind. Climax by Stephane 1993 is one of those.

But while I thought the climax had been reached, I was wrong.

The night turned into day and Solomun turned into a machine. This electronic number by Claude Monnet and Francesco Tarantini pushed all the right buttons. To think, at this moment in the night, he was just getting started, was implausible.

Kinky Estellar by Panaroma Channel put a punchy cherry on a cake that was served deliciously under the famous Pacha cherries.

Adriatique re-entered the booth shortly after. Everyone was hungry for more.

reaching the perfect end

The marathon back-to-back lit the torch with this DJ Hell scorcher.

It was purely party vibes when the Diynamic trio showcased this classic club anthem.

With simply too many sensational songs one after the other, one of my favourites hailed back to a Solomun +1 from last year when I heard this rocking Westbam tune. I was speechless. As much as I wish I could, words cannot do justice to this moment.

And somehow it kept getting better with Three Drives On A Vinyl. No more needs to be said.

Daylight was breaking, but the magic was only getting stronger. Solomun saved one of his own spells for the very end.

The pace slowed as a classical piece harmonised the staunched few who danced on until the bittersweet end. As it faded out, this came in.

And that was the end of the 2018 season of Solomun +1.

This closing party meant a great deal to me. Not only has Solomun soundtracked many incredible Ibiza memories that will stay with me forever but also his residency is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to the island.

Solomun can keep my heart. Thank you for an amazing summer until next year.

P.S. Aching legs? Forget about it. There was still a free after-party to come at Benimussa Park where Solomun was joined by his sister Magdelena and one half of Adriatique. In true Solomun style, the afters lasted for another close to 12 hours. The party kicked off in the Tree House for a superb open-air session before moving inside to the Rabbit Hole until morning. Solomun, we salute your stamina.

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