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Shutting down Sankeys with Unusual Suspects

Cassy, Sidney Charles and more headline an unreal ending to Sankey's 2018 season.

Dark, thumping and attracting a knowledgeable crowd. When it comes to clubbing in Ibiza, Sankeys is as underground as venues get, ticking all the right boxes. The Unusual Suspects and Sankeys joint closing party did not disappoint, featuring a steadfast line-up of the best faces from electronic music's revered underground.

The suspects on this night were more than guilty of bringing a major haul of illicit bangers with them. There was no holding back on this occasion - and this is what closings are about.

Here's what went down at an unrelenting Unusual Suspects and Sankeys closing party.

the perfect start

Upon entering the Basement, Rick Maia and Federico Grazzini were in full-flow and the dance floor was starting to fill nicely.

The pair has chemistry with each member complimenting the other's skill set. It felt more like they were pitted against each other rather than together and this was perfect. Every tune brought the intensity up a notch further.

Seb Zito's new one released on Seth Troxler's Play It Say It label stripped back the dance floor and had everyone shaking.

The Unusual Suspects favourites showed their technical ability throughout. Dropping three deeply different tracks - Denis Sulta's Dubelle Oh XX, The Ha Dance by Masters At Work and K'Alexi Shelby's Black Sunday - one after the other was impressive movement.

A soon-to-be classic.

From a song that invented the word classic... one produced by Mr Classic himself.

Rick Maia and Federico Grazzini had the Basement shaking. Watch out for these two in the future.

dr Sidney in the LAB

Sidney Charles was stripping it back and rolling out some blistering beats. It was the perfect match for the LAB.

The sound, the crowd, the lights, the smoke - all came together to create an ideal clubbing environment. It took me back to my first club nights at the former Sankeys in Manchester.

Every ingredient formed the perfect recipe and Sidney acted as a scientist who analysed every selection. The results were groundbreaking.

This Prok & Fitch cut was atmospheric. Everyone around embraced with the iconic "that's a tune" face.

This was Sidney at his very best. I don't want to rub it in, but can you imagine the scenes when this remix of a Gref Gow stomper took over the place? I'll tell you: it went off.

Tough decisions

It was hard to move away from the LAB. After a quick breather on the roof terrace, we passed into the Basement where Cassy was already getting started. Although Sidney Charles was on-point, I knew Cassy could match it, so we gave it a shot.

... and I'm glad we did. Flashmob's edit of this pre-millennium Basement Jaxx classic had people almost punching the low Sankey's ceiling. Unreal.

I had to Shazam this one at least eight times. I wanted to be sure. The tubed LEDs matched perfectly with its hypnotic beat.

Cassy took a dedicated few on a thrilling journey through her vast record collection. If there's one person you'd want leading the Basement, it is she.

Unusual Suspects took the Sankeys closing party mantle and delivered with full-force. The night had all that you would suspect from a real Ibiza club tear-up.

Though grateful, we were not surprised. It was simply business as usual for the Unusual Suspects - the ultimate underground party at the ultimate underground haunt.

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