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See a beautiful Ibiza with E Move

Beautiful White Isle countryside and coast.

E Move Ibiza is a tour company with a difference: it offers clients a unique opportunity to get off the beaten track and to experience the beautiful island of Ibiza in a range of exciting off-road vehicles with quad bikes, bigger buggies and the classic Vespa scooter.

Tour routes either head north out of San Antonio into the tranquil north or down to explore the spectacular southern coastline. The tours have universal appeal; of our party of riders, more than half were female and some were visiting the island for the first time.

Views of Ibiza

Everyone was eager to get out into the countryside and discover a glimpse of traditional island life in the northern highlands of the island. Heading out of San Antonio in a convoy of quads, our route quickly dived off towards the quiet interior, passing the legendary Pikes Hotel and the vineyards of the Can Rich winery, whose vines were heavy with this year's crop.

Our first venture off the tarmac was a steep climb up one of Ibiza's most picturesque routes, the fertile valley of Es Broll. We scrambled uphill past ancient earthworks and irrigation systems, which have been supplying natural spring water to the area from as long ago as the twelfth century when the Moors ruled the island.

Ibiza's charming countryside

We meandered along the empty roads and rugged caminos of Ibiza's north-western interior: passing by the whitewashed fincas and churches and the well-tended farmlands of the peaceful villages of San Mateo and Santa Inés. Along the way we saw farmers herding their sheep and goats, the land covered with fig trees, ancient olive and almond groves flourishing in the famous red soil, like it has been for centuries.

Our first stop was to indulge in the magnificent cliff-top view from Las Puertas del Cielo (Heaven's Gate). Despite being an area I know very well, the view from here always gives you a feeling of wonderment. If time permits, there is also a chance to see the remains of an ancient house whose origin can also be traced back to the Muslim epoch.

More than a rugged adventure

E Move Ibiza offers more than just a rugged adventure; it also gives the budding explorer a chance to get to know a little of the history of rural life on this enchanting island. Our friendly and knowledgeable guide Raul was a mine of information, giving us a heap of facts about the history, geography and gastronomy of the island.

We began our descent back to sea level with a visit to the extremely popular beach of Cala Salada for a well-deserved drink and a quick dip in the sea. Next Raul led us on a blast along rough terrain to one of prettiest spots on Ibiza, Punta Galera. We arrived just in time to catch another glorious, golden sunset at what is a magnificent viewpoint. It was also a rare chance to sample the wild, citrus-flavoured samphire that Raul discovered growing among the rocks.

After around three invigorating hours (where did the time go?) we finally made it back to base for some very welcome pan con tomate, (bread, tomato and olive oil) cheese and ham that was waiting for us in reception. There were huge smiles and unanimous satisfaction from my fellow riders. Our panoramic tour had covered approximately 50 km, which was divided equally by distance spent on dirt tracks, minor and normal roads.

La Dolce Vita on a Vespa scooter

E Move Ibiza's variety of tour routes will suit intrepid petrol heads as well as beginners, whether that's on the quad bikes, the rugged Nuvolari beach buggies or classic Italian Vespa scooters. Our quads were well maintained and easy for a novice to get to grips with.

If you want an exhilarating tour of parts of the island few get to see, E Move Ibiza's tours will give you that thrill feeling that will be etched on your memory for many moons to come.

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