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A day out at Ocean Beach Ibiza for HotBed

Sometimes it's time to live it up at San Antonio's exclusive poolside venue.

An established part of the island's clubbing ecosystem, Ocean Beach Ibiza has turned into an island favourite. As some of us had never been, we headed out to check it out for ourselves.

Back at Ocean Beach for 2018, HotBed would be the party in question. Well equipped with its roster of residents including Danny Langan, Parris & Lloyd and Griff, plus live percussion and sax players, we knew we'd be treated to a feast of sun-kissed house music.

With a few first-timers amongst us, the whole clubbing team was dispatched to see what Ocean Beach Ibiza was all about. Here's what we each thought of the experience.

Glitz and glamour
Paul Helibron, clubbing intern

Grilling slowly over 30 degrees of Balearic heat, we got a dash of summertime seasoning in the form of sexy vocal house while being offered a side portion of attentive bottle service. There you have it - one dazzling VIP experience. It's a recipe for good times.

Ocean Beach Ibiza was surely made, not just for the rich and famous, but all those who want to experience a little glitz and glamour on their holiday.

Tropical vibes
Holly Woulfe, clubbing intern

Sun cream and wedges at the ready, I was breaking my Ocean Beach Ibiza virginity at San Antonio's hottest daytime party spot.

When we arrived, I was pleased to see that its impressive reputation lived up to the hype. More good-looking people in one place than I've ever seen before, dancing in and around the glistening pool.

Brought to you by the ABODE family, HotBed's resident DJs played a range of uplifting house music that kept us dancing, sweating and shimmering underneath the sun all the way to home time.

The costumes and décor boasted a tropical vibe and the glamorous dancers were fashioned as the sexiest pineapples I've ever seen. As they poured bubbly into the mouths of the thirsty party-goers from above, samba house tracks like the above belted out. Sweet.

Fruity production
Stephen Hunt, staff writer

Of Ocean Beach's weekly programming, HotBed is the party that immediately stands out as resonating with me most musically. It was great to finally see what this party is all about.

In particular, I especially liked the provocative fruit theme.

On the music front, it didn't disappoint. Funky house heaven. It was like 2008 never ended!

Bonafide classics thrown in with some current tunes.

And then there was the production.

Inverted umbrellas hung above the dance floor and a podium girl wearing killer stilettos, straddled a giant, semi-peeled banana! As Ibiza parades go, this set piece wins the double entendre award for most outrageous in 2018.

House heaven on earth
Michael Tomlinson, photographer

To me, Ocean Beach Ibiza is a little patch of paradise just off the island's west coast. With its luxurious decor and attentive VIP service, it's the ideal place to bask in the sunshine.

The uber comfy sunbeds offered a great vantage to watch the HotBed DJs spin some cool tech beats from across the pool.

My favourite track of the afternoon, a jacked up Block & Crown remix of El Diablo was the perfect accompaniment as the sun went down.

Towards the end of the evening, I danced alongside my compadres, the sun on my back, listening to certified classics from Crystal Waters and David Morales. The vibe was positively heavenly.

The promised land
Kane Allen, clubbing intern

Having seen it featured on many reality television shows and countless Instagram posts, I felt like I already knew Ocean Beach Ibiza inside out before I had even visited. But I'll confess it was much more beautiful than what I expected.

The location and layout are simply stunning and, on this day, the music was right up my street. To hear Joe Smooth's Promised Land as the sun was shining gave me an Ibiza moment I'll never forget.

It may have been my first visit, but it definitely won't be my last.

As the sun disappeared below the horizon and proceedings were wrapped up, the saxophonist came into his own. His improv over the top of this Pink Panther-inspired anthem would be our closing memory to an unforgettable day out.

Special mention must also go to our hostess, who was very accommodating and looked after us all day long.

We were made to feel like royalty. Judging by the other large groups in attendance, Ocean Beach offers that added layer of indulgence when celebrating the big occasions.

Since its arrival in 2012, Ocean Beach Ibiza has been turning people's heads and getting everyone talking. Ultimately, it filled a gap in the market, and San Antonio's large clubbing fraternity spoke as its popularity soared. One visit is enough to see why.

Any trip to San Antonio is worth going to Ocean Beach at least once although we think you will be back for more.

See below for full details and tickets.

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