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ABODE and Do Not Sleep open the season

The gloves are off as two pillars of the island's underground unite under one roof.

Healthy competition. Friendly rivalry. One-upmanship. Banter. Call it what you will, sometimes adding a competitive element can produce great results. That's what seems to have happened as ABODE and Do Not Sleep join forces over at Amnesia.

While the switchover may have surprised a few people in the off-season, this joint venture makes sense. Their paths have crossed many times. We look at how they pair up at the opening.

Not only have the two underground brands collaborated in the past, but DNS resident Darius Syrossian has played for ABODE many times since the beginning. Of course, both spent last summer in Ibiza at Sankeys. Their journies have run parallel until this point and now they collide.

History is littered with examples of these love/hate clashes. Roger Federer versus Rafael Nadal. Niki Lauda versus James Hunt. Lionel Messi versus Cristiano Ronaldo. Rocky versus Apollo Creed. Okay... maybe the last one is not the best example.

The saying goes that the best of friends can sometimes make the best of rivals. Summer 2018 will test whether the two parties can co-exist.

How does each entity measure up? This is the tale of the tape. 10 rounds = 10 tracks from each room. The Terrace vs the Club Room. ABODE vs Do Not Sleep. There's only one thing left to do: pick a side.

In the blue corner...

Amnesia's terrace is brought to you by the letter 'A'

The most flavoursome promoter in the UK with swathes of devout fans, ABODE enjoys the limelight. With glamorous ring girls and a track record that backs up the brag, the bright lights on the biggest stage have long beckoned.

Line-ups stacked with world-famous talent and short, quickfire sets means ABODE is punchy, relying on speed and agility.

Detlef | JayDee | Relief | 2017
Played by Jimmy Switch & Ellie Cocks | Terrace | Open - 01:30

Let's start things off from this sucker punch from arguably the biggest tech house label on the planet. A proper ABODE track.

Catz N Dogz | Evil Tram | Pets Recordings | 2013
Played by Jimmy Switch & Ellie Cocks | Terrace | Open - 01:30

Mark Jenkyns | Soulfood | Hot Creations | 16 March
Played by Jimmy Switch & Ellie Cocks | Terrace | Open - 01:30

Packin' a punch with some real weight behind it, this selection got the best out of the Terrace's broad-shouldered sound system, and we're only at round three.

Secondcity | A'ndia | Toolroom | 1 June
Played by Secondcity | Terrace | 01:30 - 02:30

Pirupa | Dance Planet (Leftwing & Kody Remix) | Incorrect | 2017
Played by Secondcity | Terrace | 01:30 - 03:30

Aptly titled, the energy on the dance floor meant this was planet dance. We were seeing stars by this point.

Harry Romero | Hesitation | Subliminal Records | 12 February
Played by Santé | Terrace | 02:30 - 03:30

Santé landed a flurry of punches with this belter from Choo-Choo. Backs against the ropes.

Mat.Joe | Love Stream | Mother Recordings | 2017
Played by Solardo | Terrace | 03:30 - 05:00

Infectious and catchy, genius use of this well-known Lumidee vocal. Distraction tactics, the dance floor is dizzy. The vultures circled.

DJ Hyperactive | Wide Open (Len Faki Edit) | 2012
Played by Solardo | Terrace | 03:30 - 05:00

Old but gold. There's a reason why this is still a formidable track in Solardo's arsenal.

Powda | Move On (Dinamix Remix) | Cutting Wax | 31 May
Played by GW Harrison & Will Taylor | The Terrace | 05:30 - Close

By this point, we were swinging in with haymakers.

Danny Howard & GUZ | All That Dancin' | Glasgow Underground | 23 March
Played by GW Harrison & Will Taylor | Terrace | 05:30 - Close

Radio 1 tastemaker proving he can produce a devastating track. This one floored the room. Was this a knockout punch?

In the red corner...


With resident Darius Syrossian fronting proceedings 14 out of 16 dates, Do Not Sleep has consistency on its side. For the opening, it has even drafted in a former sparring partner in the shape of Warrior Steve Lawler to be in his corner.

Do Not Sleep keeps things more stripped back and underground. With understated support acts and lengthier, extended sets, their approach is one of methodical endurance and psychology.

Vangelis Kostoxenakis | Bounce | Food Music | 18 May
Played by Caleb Calloway | Club Room | Open - 01:30

One of several tracks played from this release, this was one big hitter.

Andre Butano | Volcaret | Oblack Label | 8 June
Played by Christian Burkhardt | Club Room | 01:30 - 03:30

Alex Celler | La Palma | Area Remote | 2009
Played by Christian Burkhardt | Club Room | 01:30 - 03:30

Seth Troxler | Blackclap | Say It Play It | 27 April
Played by Christian Burkhardt | Club Room | 01:30 - 03:30

Although Seth's kept this one up his sleeve for years, it finally saw the light of day in 2018, along with several other forgotten gems. Great to hear out. Landed with a crack.

Kris Wadsworth | Genre Electric | Morris Audio | 2011
Played by Darius Syrossian & Steve Lawler | Club Room | 03:30 - Close

As the crowds swarmed to the Club room to catch the coming together of two old friends, this was pulled out of left field to kick-start the spectacle - landing a jab out of nowhere.

Paolo Tamoni | Origami | Undelivering Recordings | 8 June
Played by Darius Syrossian & Steve Lawler | Club Room | 03:30 - Close

Folding like origami, and Do Not Sleep is back in this contest.

Josh Butler | Doesn't Work | Hot Creations | 8 June
Played by Darius Syrossian & Steve Lawler | Club Room | 03:30 - Close

Forthcoming from Do Not Sleep regular and Darius' fellow Yorkshiremen Josh Butler, this one worked the body.

DMS12 | Sax Track | Armada Music | 2010
Played by Darius Syrossian & Steve Lawler | Club Room | 03:30 - Close

Mind tricks - it was psychological warfare and they were toying with us. A bit of gusto with the sax.

Jansons & Senzala | Aura | FourThirtyTwo | 8 June
Played by Darius Syrossian & Steve Lawler | Club Room | 03:30 - Close

With JNZ, the second track from this release played earlier in the night on the Terrace, our tag team dig deep to pummel back. Could this be the comeback of the century?

Kinnerman | Bass Snatcher | Kaluki | 15 June
Played by Darius Syrossian & Steve Lawler | Club Room | 03:30 - Close

The equaliser, lasers and CO2 canons combine to cause a dance floor eruption. It's going to a judge's decision... It's a draw!

Of course, you don't have to pick a side - and that's the great thing about this party. As we meandered from room to room, jumping from set to set, it's clear that the ABODE and Do Not Sleep hook-up is a mutually convenient arrangement.

Like all good relationships, they play to their individual strengths, casting the net further and appealing to a wider demographic of clubbers. Separated by their differences, but united by their similarities.

It's a shrewd piece of business. One in which both entities - as well as Ibiza's legion of underground fanatics - will reap the benefits.

What did we say at the beginning? The best of friends can make the best of rivals. It's true. But then again, the best of rivals can also make the best bedfellows. It's good to have a bit of healthy competition.

They have different fan bases and varying ethoses, but overlapping rosters and a shared vision. They also both lay claim to deeply loyal followers. Perhaps most importantly, they are aware that together they are greater than the sum of their parts.

Now that the dust has settled on the opening, we look forward to the rematch. The one after. And the one after that. It could go down as one of the greatest series in Ibiza's history.

All of the music we heard from last night from both rooms can be found on our designated ABODE/Do Not Sleep Ibiza Spotify playlist now.

See below for future dates and details.

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