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Bedouin's Saga rocks opening party at HEART

Bedouin and co return for the second season after the success of last summer.

All those seeking a little bit of magic in their life could hardly wait for Bedouin presents SAGA opening party. Last Sunday at HEART it finally happened. Bedouin and friends were back to take us on a trip through worldwide sounds, and we were more than happy to follow them.

Here is what makes us crazy about this party.


The music at Saga is synonymous with much of what Ibiza is today with sounds and cultures from all over the world. Musically, the result is a unique blend that can be categorised as multicultural house, folktronica or melodic deep.

Regardless of the style, the sound of SAGA is certainly one of the deepest and most intense the White Isle as to offer.

Opening the night, the talented and very intense Lum from Argentina confirmed why this party is so loved. The dance floor was full from the start. People were dancing in a hypnotic way, completely captivated by the magic happening around and within them.

Here's what we mean by the word magic, with No Hay Ritmo by Capablanca & T. Keeler.

DJ Koze then took the decks. Starting where Lum left it, he played some very passionate tunes, changing later into high-quality house with glorious Afro influences. Fantastic!

The maestro obviously started with his disco bomb track Pick Up, set to become one of the tunes of this summer 2018.

At that point, every single person in HEART was shaking his or her booty!

The final set naturally saw the Saga creators Bedouin take to the console. As all hands shot in the air, the gently led us into the magic realm of their music. At this point, the party becomes a tribal ritual and the syncopated movements of the crowd made us feel in a galaxy far far away.

Bedouin's music is profound, deep, full of faraway Middle Eastern influences, something more than a DJ set, a philosophic conversation that the duo has with their audience.


The party's home, HEART has established itself as the elegant Marina Botafoch venue owned by the Adria brothers and the founder of Cirque de Soleil Guy Laliberté. You can immediately feel the spirit of creativity behind Cirque du Soleil.

At Saga, if you want to find out about your future, you can have your cards read. Perhaps you fancy a portrait from an antique camera - you can get that, too, and more. A cool gipsy vibe reigns in the terrace. Everyone seems was loving it.

Artists paraded around the space performing around clubbers seeking a break for fresh air, a cigarette and a view of Ibiza Town across the port, all the while having one or more shots of mezcal.

Downstairs on the dance floor, the space was packed with hippy chic and boho style ravers in beautiful clothes. Everyone was dancing, carried away by the masters on the decks.


The production at HEART, as always, was remarkable. The way the club is made creates myriad opportunities for visual artist to express the best of themselves and become a vital part of the experience.

One of the most distincitve parts of HEART is most likely the floor-to-ceiling screen walls displaying stunning visuals.

On top of that, performing artist randomly appear, some performing, others juggling, taking pictures, joking around or simply passing by in total nonchalance while you have, perhaps, yet another shot of mezcal.

Yes, you guessed it: HEART has a mezcal bar on the terrace.

Throuhgout the club, the decorations, including the DJ booth, resembled a boho house of the last century, with a grand chandelier overlooking the booth and palm trees around it as the final touch. Et voila - a feast for both your ears and eyes!

It was a great opening; we surely enjoyed it. If you were there or missed it, that's okay. This summer you will have plenty of opportunities to be part of the ritual, as every Sunday at HEART will be for Saga.

Full listings below.

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