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Chatting with Detlef and Latmun at Amnesia opening

Headliners Detlef and Latmun talk music and collaboration on their first Amnesia night playing b2b.

Amnesia blew open their doors earlier than usual this year this past Saturday. With a massive line-up serving super tasty treats, a veritable back to back tech house buffet greeted us at the Amnesia opening. Wow - what a way to start the season.

On the aural menu, a delicious mix of classic tech house talent and rising stars made up the line-up. That alone was reason enough to drop everything and head on out to the legendary Amnesia for the first night of its 44th season. Both holidaymakers and island residents did just that.

The night took off with a bang right from the start. With the doors open by 20:00, headliner Luciano had the Terrace dance floor on fire well before midnight.

Playing a blend of deep tech groovers and uplifting euphoric house, the veteran DJ commanded the crowd with every rise and fall of the beat. Fully loving his time behind the decks, Luciano could not stop dancing along to the tunes he played, as did the rest of the Terrace.

Over in the Club Room, Amnesia residents and tech house kings CAAL kicked it off with a back-to-back set with Les Schmitz. Amazing.

Up next, Together residents and English trio Disciples turned it up yet another notch. Forever the crowd pleaser, this UK chart hitter got the crowd moving with a string of popular vocals laid over banging kicks.

Following in the Club Room, Hannah Wants took over at 3:00. No stranger to Amnesia, she looked right at home, throwing down bass beats mixed up with tech house bangers. Her style combines her signature bass house with an energetic DJing performance style that always captivates.

Many adoring fans were in the crowd throwing up heart and W signs as she mixed in her next dance floor winner. As one of the most talked about DJs and producers from last summer here, she certainly roared in with style!

Meanwhile, the Terrace next door was blowing up with the rich back to back set from Mathias Kaden DJing with Mar-T, followed by Richy Ahmed tearing it up with Davide Squillace until close.

To top off the amazing party, we got to have a chat with Club Room headliners b2b duo Latmun and Detlef. These guys were about to pop their Amnesia cherry, so we couldn't wait to ask some cheeky questions about being on the road together and, of course, talk music on the roof of the Amnesia store. Talk about epic.

Having just arrived, Deflef and Latmun were super excited about their debut playing together at Amnesia. While Detlef had played there before on his own, Latmun had not ever before, so the excitement was boiling over. Here's what happened.

How did you guys meet?

After much laughter and confusion, Joe aka Latmun: “The first time we met was as a result of a competition. Alex (aka Detlef) did a Facebook competition to get tracks signed to VIVa Warriors compilation and I entered it. My track got picked and here we are! I get to play back to back with my hero.

What is the worst part and the best part about going on tour together?

Detlef: “I know this already. We laugh a lot!”

Latmun: “I know what he's going to say about me is the worst part.”

Detlef: “... like today, he's always too late! Always late! He's always late!”

Latmun: “I like to live life on the edge.”

So you're the diva?

Detlef: “We always get on the plane LAST.”

Latmun: “But have we missed a flight?”

Detlef: “No, we haven't missed a flight YET.”

Latmun: “And he always has to stop for coffee!”

This is Amnesia. How excited are you guys to be playing the opening party?

Latmun: “This is my favourite club and I am SO excited!”

Detlef: “Can't wait!”

So you're the diva (Latmun) and you, how would you describe yourself?

Detlef: “Easy.”

Latmun: “You are easy!” Both break into fits of laughter.

Being from Greece and Nottingham (UK), how did you both get here and decide to tour going back to back? Did you just decide this was just going to work out?

Latmun: “The first back to back wasn't by our choice.

Detlef interrupts: “I'll tell that story! Basically, we were supposed to play at the same party in Mexico (BPM Festival). So I had my set time and he had his set time. I prepared my set and was ready… Then they told us we were going to play back to back and we didn't know each other at all.”

How many years ago was that?

Detlef: “That was two years ago.”

Latmun: “It was, like, last year. January last year.”

Detlef: “OK so it was two years ago.”

You both finish each other's sentences. Are you going to get married soon?

Fits of laughter from both. “No… but we'll think about it!”

So now I want to geek out and go deep on technology. What do you use and what's your back to back set up?

Latmun: “We each have our own mixer. One each side of the setup. I use a Zone 9 mixer and he uses Pioneer. I also used Traktor.”

Detlef: “We have 2 mixers and 4 cdjs.I use just USBs.”

Staying on tech, so when you first started DJ'ng in Greece did you have to deal with some dodgy set-ups, like in a basement full of water?

Detlef: “I don't know about you guys but not really.

Latmun: ”I once played in a basement where the pitch fader had come off the deck and I had to use a ring-pull from a beer can that I attached so I could slide the pitch fader. That was the worst setup I've ever played on! Anything now is a luxury!”

Have any of your family members come to see you play in the big clubs here?

Detlef: “No mine haven't.”

Latmun: “Yes, mine have actually. My mum and dad came to Ibiza and they're coming again this year! They liked it and it was a whole new thing for them.”

When you were growing up, what were your musical influences? Did you parents' music influence you at all?

Latmun: “80's and rock. General parents' music really!” Both start laughing.

So you (Detlef) grew up listening to… accordion music in Greece drinking Ouzo and breaking plates?

After a lot of laughing, Detlef: ”I used to listen to a lot of rock, pop, 80s pop and then I was listening to harder music like heavy metal."

When did you (Detlef) say I really want to start producing then?

Detlef: “It was breakbeat and rave music.”

You don't look old enough to remember that! You are definitely under 30.

Would you like a drink?” Hilarity breaks out with the boys. “I was there, I was there. I was 6 months old!”

This one is about stickers. You know they're really important here. Do you have your own?

Detlef and Latmun: “No.”

Latmun: “I did have some but I ran out. I'll bring them personally to you next time!”

What does it mean to play in Amnesia - it's your first time right?

Latmun: “Oh amazing! It's my first time playing here and everything is set up to be a really special night. I cannot wait!”

What are you most looking forward to this season, other than this, of course! I see you're playing at elrow too.

Both: “elrow… and Paradise.”

Detlef: “Every time we play there it's amazing. We have a residency, about 5 times this summer.”

How do you prepare for your gigs? Is it all about the audience and the vibe for you when you get there and work it out?

Detlef: “Sometimes you go to a club and the vibe is different so you change your style. We are after DJ EZ so we have to work on it.”

Craziest rock and roll moment, like an “I could die now” or throw a TV out of the window type of experience? GO!

Detlef: “I had an amazing party in Lima in Peru. That was really crazy. It was about 1,000 people and it was like a rock concert basically. They were staring at the DJ and whatever you did was like a god.”

Latmun: “Probably tonight to be honest. This is going to be awesome! I have heard some crazy stories.

I view DJng as a performing art. What's your take on that?

Latmun: “Yes… that's why going back to back is so good! You get excited when someone else drops a track you like!”

So this is the last question - Detlef interrupts, “We are already at the last question? Noooo!” - Most annoying habits of each other?

Latmun: “We always have to stop for coffee.”

Detlef: “I'm easy, remember? And him, he's always late! And one more annoying thing… the cables he has to put each time we set up. It's excellent work. He must get paid more for this!”

And what about back up tech and gear? What would happen if you get up there and your USB stick doesn't work?

Detlef: “I'm going to laugh. I'm going to laugh so hard! That would be the best day of my life. I'm going to grab a coffee and just enjoy the moment!”

After what has got to be one of the most entertaining interviews ever, we headed back in and heard them lay out a fantastic set. Picking up on some classic house loops and keeping it vocal, they showcased some of their own tunes alongside up-and-coming tracks for the summer. Bravo!

Amnesia did it again with a legendary opening for 2018. We can hardly wait to see Detlef and Latmun again, as well as returning, of course, to one of the island's favourite super-clubs.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael Tomlinson

Amnesia Opening Party listings - 2023

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