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EGO launches on Thursdays at Lío Ibiza

Check your ego at new party by Manumission’s Mike and Claire.

The force behind the sexually explicit party that contributed to Ibiza's fame is back. Mike McKay and Claire Davies of Manumission infamy are back with EGO. The duo's brand new concept will take up residence at the Pacha-owned upmarket cabaret Lío.

Running on Thursdays from 7 June to 27 September, the spectacle will shock and awe in equal measure.

Another Ibiza household name, Mr Doris will be the weekly resident and anointed musical director. He will be joined by some prestigious guests throughout the campaign.

EGO's launch will coincide with a documentary about one of the island's most famous couples. Given Mike and Claire's history of throwing parties and their penchant for the theatrical, EGO is likely to involve sure-fire drama and entertainment.

Never ones to shy away from controversy and decadence, they are behind the show featuring exquisite pole dancers, circus contortionists and choreographed burlesque routines.

The centre-piece will be a re-imagining of Shakespeare's classic Romeo & Juliet as only Mike and Claire know how.

This new venture is particularly pertinent, as 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Manumission Motel – the pair's most decorated accolade.

Come and flirt with freedom. Free your mind, spirit, libido, inhibitions, body and soul. Free your ego.

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